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  1. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    Michael, Shut everything off and disconnected the router. File is only 474KB. Wish I could say it worked. Thanks anyway, Gary
  2. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    9.03 Having trouble making a good readable gedcom file. No trouble with Version 8, but I can't go back now. V 8 GEDCOM was about 6,000KB V 9.03 is only about 1,200 with same options. Message when imported reads "This is not a valid, complete GEDCOM file. It is missing information and does not have the required "0 TRLR" at the end", what ever that means. And yest I have waited for the program to complete. Has anyone else had problems importing a GEDCOM File made by TMG 9.03? Thanks for any help, Gary