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  1. GEDCOM export from TMG

    i will try it and report back. thankyou omg!! i went into safe mode and it worked!! jim thankyou... please spread the word...at last a workaround...
  2. GEDCOM export from TMG

    GEDCOM export is also not working for me on large files(8.0.8); the small ones are ok. I get two errors: 1-file access is denied (to a temporary file in appdata\local\temp) or 2-no table is open in the current work area. When the error occurs, retry works, but the resultant gedcom does not have the trailer and is seriously incomplete. If i click abort, TMG comes to a standstill and i have to force TMG to end thru windows vista task manager. its easy to review the resultant GEDCOM as windows will open it in notepad...that way i use edit/find and see who is in the file; also each individual has a starting line (0 @I1@ INDI) which is numbered sequentially from I1)..., and check if the final line (0 TRLR) is there. i deleted dropbox program completely, turned off the internet, stopped my virus program, and it still happens. Surely someone can offer more assistance with this...i have spent hours... phyllis