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  1. Layout Fonts/size

    v9.05 Perhaps an embarrassingly simple question, but I can't determine whether the font and font size can be changed from within the program for the main detail, siblings, and children views in the layout. I have found options only for Reports so far. Thanks in advance.
  2. Layout Fonts/size

    Dear Michael and Virginia, Upgrading to v9.05 entails re-familiarizing myself with many features and terms I had long forgotten. Thank you for taking your valuable time to reply so generously, precisely, and effectively. I have accordingly cited your help in my acknowledgements, unless you prefer otherwise. The valuable resource you represent is best queried with care. Thanks again, Thomas A Barnard
  3. Mr. Hannah, my extreme gratitude to you for this referral. The site did indeed have a few rapidly disappearing serial number purchases on the stand-alone, downloadable version 9 (not the upgrade from 8) as of today. Purchasers will need a Paypal account - send $65.00 USD to Mr. Torleif Haugodegard at tha@tha.no (he speaks English) ASAP. I and my BCG Standard researched ancestors thank you. Who would think to find the last remaining issues on earth tucked away in a Norwegian Fjord? I always wanted to tour them, oddly feel I now have...
  4. Echoing the general gnashing of teeth expressed by others who inadvertently missed the boat (in my case due to deep immersion in research), would anyone know of a means to purchase the final version of TMG at this apparently late date. It seems odd that copies of something so uniquely valuable could not easily be made available for those who want them. None of the alternatives put rigorous source documentation at the center of their design.