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  1. Outdated web page: Home > Companion Products

    The web page Home > Companion Products is outdated for several products. http://www.whollygenes.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&refid=NEWS&Category_Code=COMPANION Second Site v2 is now v5, GedStar PRO is now for Android, Prices are also outdated. torleif
  2. V7 performing very slowly in Windows Vista

    I see no special speed difference btw v6 and v7 both running side by side on my Vista Business Dell. TorleifH
  3. tmg-basen

    Contact: Torleif Haugodegard Meeting info: No meetings so far Web site: TMG Norge (Googlegruppe) Mailing list: Søk om medlemsskap via hjemmesida. Other info: Established 2009, 500+ medlemmer. -------------------- Torleif Haugodegard, Hamar, Norway. TMG page (Norwegian language)
  4. Haugodegard, Torleif

    The Royal family of Norway, with ancestors in UK, Denmark, Sweden. http://www.tha.no/maud-angelica-p/index.htm Language is Norwegian.