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  1. File access denied

    Problem solved. It was a Parallels problem, which their tech support fixed for me. I now have access to my XP vm and my TMG. Lesson learned, though....do your backups regularly and store dupes of them someplace like a flash drive just to be sure.
  2. File access denied

    Problem solved. It was a Parallels issue that they solved for me. I now have access to my TMG. Turns out under XP I was running 9.03, not 9.05, so Redleg21 was partially correct. Thanks! Now the BIG question. What's the best way to upgrade my 9.03 to 9.05 since there is no automatic upgrade support? I have the 9.05 download. Are you telling me that my 9.03 project will not open in 9.05? I suppose I could test it on another computer.
  3. File access denied

    I never reinstalled 9.01. I was running 9.05 in XP, and the new install on W10 is also 9.05. So haw can I recover a pjc file I have no access to except from my time machine? That is where I got the pjc file that TMG refuses to open because it's "in use".
  4. Website access and password

    Nearly every time i try to log in, I get a invalid user or password message. In the past few days I've requested a password change probably 20 times. If I change the temporary password, about once in ten times I'm signed in, But if I do change the temporay password to something of my liking, and then try to reconnect with the new password, I get the invalid user or password message. Like a merry-go-round. How long is the 'temporary' password good for, or should I just resolve myself that requesting a new password is the new norm?
  5. File access denied

    Help! I have TMG 9.05 which was running fine via Parallels Windows XP VM. A recent MAC OS update caused my access to Windows XP to be null and void - and apparently my TMG was still running when this happened. XP still shows up in Parallels, but delivers the infamous MS blue screen of death. So I bought W10, and reinstalled TMG. Starts up fine, but now I cannot get my archived pjc file to open - message says it's still in use. Yeah, in my XP VM which I can't access! How can I recover nearly 25 years worth of work?