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  1. Cannot add new tag or person

    Jim, I uninstalled and reinstalled as directed, the ADD option in the main menu is still off. Additionally there may be a virus on your site. When I downloaded the TMG file, I received an automatic download of the 'Web Discover Browser' and additional content, that took me awhile to navigate it to closed, and then to remove it. Thank you for all your patience and assistance. Mike
  2. Cannot add new tag or person

    Jim, As noted above, any other recommendations ? Mike
  3. Cannot add new tag or person

    Jim, Additional information, I identified how to run the program as an administrator and selected repair. I then received a message to test the program, which I did. The message I received was "error opening installation log file, verify that the specified log file location exists and is writable" I am then presented with a Program compatibility Troubleshooter box with 4 options 1) Program worked in earlier version of windows 2) Program opens but does not display correctly 3) Program requires additional permissions 4) I don't see my problem listed. Mike
  4. Cannot add new tag or person

    Jim I appear to be having a similar issue, the "Add' option in the Main Menu is a light gray(not bold like the other menu options) and I am not able to add Tags. I am unsure what you mean when you recommend " Run the TMG installer as Administrator " Thank you Mike Rommel
  5. Inability to edit/add data

    I presumed that because I could access and move through the program, that it was unlocked, but the inability to edit and your question suggests maybe not. I believe I sought advice for accessing TMG several years ago, and you assisted me at that time.
  6. I have been away from TMG 9 for a few years, my recent attempts to add or change information in my project have been unsuccessful. I also noted that the Add tab in the menu bar is light gray and not active. Does anyone have any thoughts about how to correct this problem? Mike Rommel
  7. System crash

    Thank you Terry, I appreciate all your assistance. The downloaded file listed it as 9.01, so I was confused. PayPal notes that my payment for the book and shipping, was accepted by ReigelRidge Press on 6/5/16. Mike
  8. Lost downloaded update from v8 to v9

    Jim, I had a similar problem, and when I tried to contact you at your link, a Windows mail sign up window opened. Is there any other way to get to your link? Mike Rommel
  9. System crash

    Terry, Thank you for your assistance, I was able to download a copy of TMG v9.01 successfully from your website. Is it worthwhile to continue to try to find v9.05 ? I also purchased a copy of your book from the webpage, hopefully it will keep me from trying your patience any further. Mike
  10. System crash

    Terry, The link is not active, SWMIRROR notes 404 Not Found The page you are looking for could not be found. Jim noted if any problem to contact him via the link in his post, that link takes me to Microsoft email account setup window. Any other recommendations Mike
  11. System crash

    Thank you Terry, What files do I transfer from my Win XP machine that has a functional TMG 9.1, to a USB drive, to move to my re- installed TMG on the Win 8.1 machine? Mike
  12. System crash

    Several months ago I had a system crash and had to reinstall everything, as I was unable to recover anything from my hard drive, I am just now getting to TMG. I have a TMG v9 disc with serial number and unlock code. Do I need to restart from the disc, or does the forum support a download somewhere ? Do I still need the serial number and unlock codes? I have a copy of my TMG v9.01 data on an old computer, and my need some assistance with transferring the data correctly I would certainly appreciate any assistance. Mike
  13. V 9.05 Install

    Jim Byram, Thank you. I followed your advice and the re-install went flawlessly. Were do I send the consult fee?