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  1. In Quebec, where I was married in 1954, the Protestant churches also read banns, just as you described. I don't know when this practice stopped, or even if it has stopped. Ken Healy
  2. Fatal error: Exception code=C00000005

    Yesterday I got that same error message - ROTOOLBARMAN - on Step 6 of the Back-up procedure. There were three options, but clicking on Cancel or Ignore did nothing at all, while clicking on Help gave the message "The topic does not exist. Contact your application vendor for an updated Help file (129)" I had to use Control/Alt/Delete to get out of it. On restarting TMG the Backup procedure worked as it should. I am using TMG 6.07, XP, fully up to date, with 512 memory. Ken Healy
  3. Since I have never (knowingly) done anything with Place Styles I did not check that. Now on looking at places I find that there are two different Place Style names, but they have identical data elements. However, I did search out some duplicates and I checked one against the other. I found that there were two styles, so I made sure that each of the duplicates used the same style. Then I ran Optimize and went back to the Place List. The duplicates were still there! As I said, the data elements in the two styles were identical, so I presume that there would be no problem leaving them as they are. so back to work I (think) I understand! Thanks for your help; I have learned something about Place Styles! Ken
  4. Sorry about the quote without a reply; I am still struggling with this site, and I don't find it very intuitive. I. too, have a very few places duplicated in my Place List - probably fewer than ten in a list of hundreds. Checking "Events" shows a number of events for one of the duplicates and none for the other. I have examined them carefully and can find no differences in data between the two. I have even re-entered the data in the one that has no events, being careful to enter it exactly as it appears in the other one, but after running Optimise it does not disappear. There are so few of them that I have just accepted them and ceased to worry about them. But I would be interested to know why it happens. Ken Healy
  5. TMG6

    Thanks, John. When I went to do this the Fatal Error message did not come up. Instead, the program does load, but it takes literally about 5 minutes to do so (vs about 15 seconds normally). Once it is up it seems to operate normally, but I am afraid to use it in that condition. I have reinstalled, twice, and refreshed the data base from the backup made on the desktop several times using a "Jump Drive" to transfer it. (also using different versions of the backup). Any ideas as to why this should be happening? Ken
  6. TMG6

    I use a desktop for TMG6 but I also have a laptop which I refresh periodically from a backup file made on the desktop. The desktop uses 98SE and the laptop uses XP with SP2. This arrangement has worked well until yesterday when the laptop failed me when starting TMG. The initial splash screen comes up, the I get a "Fatal Error" message. It is a long message and I am reluctant to try to type all of it here. I have seen people include a "picture" of a message screen in their messages. How is that done? I would like to do so to ask for help in solving this problem. Ken Healy
  7. Forum address change?

    It happened to me, too. I finally tried the WG page and accessed it there with no trouble. Ken Healy