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  1. Drop Box

    I had an idea, and thought I would see if anyone else has tried this. Drop Box allows you to have files on your PC replecated to the cloud and to other desktops. These files can be shared with other people. If I were to put my TMG files in my drop box folder, and shared them with another family member who lives elsewhere and owns TMG, could we both work on the family data. I know we would have to ensure neigher of us accessed the files at the same time. Anyone tried this?
  2. To the Cloud

    I've been looking for a method where two or more genealogists from my family association can collaborate on the tree. Currently, I maintain and add to it via TMG. There is nothing better! I urge that TMG 9 be a cloud platform allowing multiple access.
  3. Backup Problems Continued

    I was having the same issue. Dorothy at WhollyGenes suggested removing external exhibits from the backup, and this worked. However, I was having issues with other programs as well. Backed everything up, reformated the hard drive, and did a full reinstall of the OS and all software. Issues have all gone away. I liken PCs to ships. Every now and then you have to scrape the barnacles off.
  4. Backup Failure

    Opps, happened again. Darn, thought I had it figured out!
  5. Backup Failure

    I have been having this problem intermittently. Finally dawned on my that it started occurring after the last update to WinZIP. I uninstalled WinZIP, and so far, the back up works every time.
  6. Backup Failure

    I'm suddenly having the same issue. I back up to an internal drive. It all worked a few days agao
  7. the pound symbol

    alt 156 produces £
  8. PreSurname

    I've found the issue, and it is name styles. Thanks everyone. Rob
  9. PreSurname

    I have probably set something wrong, but darned if I can find it. With some of my early English ancestors, I use the PreSurname field to enter "de". This displays with the full name but is not used in sorting. It has been working as long as I can remember. Suddenly, the PreSurnname field is not displaying. Any suggestions? Rob Roy
  10. Question about location entry

    For counties, I always spell it out, as in "Fairfax County" I omit "United States"
  11. Exhibits

    I have a number of exhibits tied to events. I want to move them to tie to the main record. Is there an easy way? Rob Roy
  12. Journal Report

    I have two questions on the Journal Report. I have lines that go way back, and yes, some cousins married other cousins. So when I produce a journal report, some people are repeated in a generation. Is there anyway to turn the second and sometimes third listing with full information of a person within a generation, much as is done with a pedigree chart? Secondly, I have tried everything I can think of, but cannot get full justifications when printing to Word. Thank you, Rob Roy
  13. Captions

    When I print out a journal report, the exhibits linked to the person record have captions, but those linked to events, do not. I have put captions in the exhibit files, they just do not appear. Any suggestions, other than making all exhibits link to the entire record?
  14. Period

    Thank you very much. Worked well
  15. Period

    I have created a tag called "Gravestone" where (now that I have centering) i put the inscription. The tag reads: The gravestone inscription <[L]> reads: <[M]>[:CR:][:CR:] Is there anyway to prevent a period from finishing off this sentience?