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  1. iPad app

    Is TMG in the process of developing an app for the iPad? I sure hope so, I want to stay with The Master Genealogist.
  2. How do I import an Ancestry.com family tree into TMG? The error messages says "The file C:\Users\Maureen\Desktop\Garner Elliott Family Tree.ged does not appear to be valid PJC file!!!" Thanks in advance!
  3. New Computer

    I also have a new computer with Windows 7. I have the back up data. Can you help me, too?
  4. Recovering TMG v7

    Thanks Virginia!
  5. Recovering TMG v7

    I'm not sure if I can find my existing registration information. I've learned my lesson! I hope others learn from me!
  6. Hi, My computer is being restored because of a virus. I think all of the TMG data will be recovered, but, how do I get the TMG program back? I've been told that all of my programs will be lost when Windows XP is reinstalled. Maureen Elliott
  7. Birthday report

    Sorry, Jim, about not being clear. I truly thank you for your patience and your solution! Maureen
  8. Birthday report

    Thanks, Jim! That did the trick. I spelled out the month and used just the day = July 5. Maureen
  9. Birthday report

    Jim, I can get the Birth and the date month, but, I can't get it to include the birth day. And, the output column will only sort by a full date: 03 Dec 1930 and it's order is by year. I want to be able to pull out just the day and the month. Ex: 03 Dec Maureen
  10. Birthday report

    Tag Type... Label = Equals BIRTH AND Date - Day = Equals 03 AND Date - Month = Equals DEC END
  11. Birthday report

    Jim, I'm getting nothing on the report. Is there a way that I can show you, with a print screen, what I'm doing? Maureen
  12. Birthday report

    Is it possible for me to run a report of everyone in my database that has the same birthday, just month and year? For example everyone that has a birthday on July 5?
  13. Exhibits and Images

    Thanks again for your replies! Maureen
  14. Exhibits and Images

    Thanks, everyone! My problem was that I was adding the image to an event, rather than to the person. Those were .jpg images. They now show in the image window. Now, my .pdfs won't show in the image windows, even if I check the "primary" box. (I have added those to the person, rather than an event.) Won't .pdf's work? Maureen