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  1. Report Printing

    Well said Michael, I have rebooted my old computer to do just that. Thanks and regards Kevin
  2. Report Printing

    OK Thanks anyway. I know that I followed instructions exactly but without success. Maybe I should get a programmer to come and have a look and see what they can do, otherwise my report printing is finished. Should anyone know where I could acquire a more up to date version of TMG then please do not hesitate to make contact. Regards Kevin
  3. Report Printing

    Thanks for your responses, I followed the instructions to get around a bug in the PDF driver without success. All I get is Descendancy Chart (Not Responding). I know that I have followed everything correctly because I went back, undid everything and re did it all. I looks as if I am stuck unless I am able to upgrade to TMG version 8. Is that still possible? Regards Kevin
  4. Hi there . I am new to this forum today. I am using TMG Gold UK Edition version 7.04.000. I recently changed my computer and am now running Windows 8 (Not as easy as XP Professional but that is another story) Before TMG closed down I spoke with them and they advised me how to re-install on my new computer. Everything went well until today when I went to create some reports. When following my normal procedure for a Descendant Indented Chart I get the following message WordPort Spawn Error and when I click OK it says Conversion error # 20:Unknown error-Contact tech support I have tried various file types without success and all I really want is to get a report in Word so that I can make alterations etc Please help Kevin