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  1. Missing file msdxm.ocx

    JIm - thank you so much - you are a diamond geezer - that did the trick!!!
  2. Missing file msdxm.ocx

    Thanks for the suggestion JIm - unfortunately, no change in behaviour after repair. John Liddle
  3. Windows 10 (up to date) and Version 9.05 I used to be able to add/edit captions on images linked to my sources, but now when I try, I get a pop-up panel asking to locate file msdxm.ocx. As far as I can ascertain, this file is/was used with Windows Media Player (not part of Windows 10). Various website offer downloads of the file, but I am not prepared to trust them. Does this mean that the facility to add caption data to images whilst in TMG has gone forever, or am I missing a trick somewhere? John Liddle Backwell, N. Somerset, UK
  4. Is TMG 9.05 compatible with Windows 10?

    Jim - many thanks for your offer - PM sent.
  5. Is TMG 9.05 compatible with Windows 10?

    I use TMG 9.05 and have recently upgraded to Win 10. Yesterday I encountered the "request for unlock code" phenomenon. I have consulted Terry's excellent web site and run through the procedure he describes. It did not work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled TMG and then gone through Terry's procedure again on first invoking of the program - still no success. The situation that I find myself in is that starting TMG normally gives me the request to unlock, but starting it as an administrator goes straight to the welcome screen, from which I can enter the program as usual. So I can no longer enter the unlock code as an administrator! Help! Further to the above, I decided to try running the installer as administrator (since other posts indicate that this can sometimes help). However, the most recent installation of TMG will not uninstall. I get a message that "There is a problem with this Windows installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run." I have tried to download another copy of the 9.05 installer in case mine is in some way damaged or incomplete, but the link to the final versions now gives a "404 - file not found" error - what to do now?
  6. Greetings, I have been playing with VCF again and I find that when I use the edit function "Select siblings and spouses", only siblings are selected. I have searched the forum for this, but to no avail. Is it just me? or is there a bug in VCF? Regards, John Liddle
  7. Exhibit Log View/Edit problems

    Thanks for confirming this Ken, it is good to know it is not something I am doing wrong. Presumably WG will pick up on this in order to remedy it in some future release? Regards,
  8. I floated this on the TMG list but had no takers, so I thought I would try here. Is anyone else finding the View/Edit feature on the exhibit log troublesome? I love the ability to highlight an area of an exhibit with a coloured box, but some severe shortcomings in the feature prevent it being used in many cases. If your exhibit is large, precise placement of a box is difficult without zooming in to see the detail. However, enlarging the exhibit to the extent that scroll buttons appear completely buggers up the operation of placing a box. You can draw the box as many times as you like, but when you release the mouse button, the box jumps to another (incorrect) place on the exhibit image. I can only assume that this is due to a program error whereby the box placement is calculated in relation to the image as initially displayed as opposed to taking account of the position in the enlarged view. Whatever the cause, it is a serious shortfall in an otherwise extremely useful feature. Additional problems include odd behaviour of the scroll bars. On very tall images (such as two pages pieced together one below the other) clicking in the clear space in a scroll bar moves the button and the image, but dragging the button from, say, top to bottom, does not stick. Clicking and holding a scroll bar arrow gives a nice smooth scroll of the image. However, when the mouse button is released, the scroll effect continues if the cursor is hovered over the arrow. In addition, after scrolling using the arrow, clicking in the empty space above or below the scroll button has no effect on the first click, but if you click again, the button will move to the end of its travel – it seems that unless you click and then move the cursor smartly out of the scroll bar area, the cursor hovering in the scroll bar acts as repeated clicks of the mouse. All in all rather a sorry tale – but is it just me? I would be grateful if others could try this and confirm (or refute) the problems I am seeing. Regards,
  9. Text Macro anomaly

    Teresa, what a clever girl you are! A non-breaking space is indeed honoured at the start of a text macro. so problem solved. I award you 10 out of 10 AND a Gold Star! Best wishes and grateful thanks,
  10. Text Macro anomaly

    Jim, many thanks for the explanation - I am sure there must be some programming logic behind it, but I would rather that it were not so. Regards,
  11. Text Macro anomaly

    Greetings all, I am using 6.09. I was disappointed to find that when I create a text macro with a leading space, it is saved without that leading space. Is this intentional and if so why?
  12. Wishlist-Copy Tag

    Yes please! - and in particular the ability to toggle the "are you sure?" prompt on and off. John Liddle
  13. Pagination problem

    Thanks for the observation Dave - I shall try that approach. Regards, John Liddle
  14. Greetings all, I am finding that the repagination feature does not always leave cut lines clear of the data - I have to move some people manually to avoid the problem. Is this a known failing? Is there a solution? Regards, John Liddle
  15. Greetings one and all. I have suffered the indignity of being removed from the Rootsweb TMG-D list due to "excessive bounced mails", despite my e-mail account functioning perfectly in all other respects. Clearly there is a problem between my e-mail provider and Rootsweb, who so far are merely pointing the finger at each other. Could I ask that any other BT Yahoo users who have had this or similar problems contact me so that I may present a stronger case in an attempt to rectify the situation? TIA