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  1. This may not be the right place to post this, but I've searched various other parts of the forum and haven't found anything. Has anyone used the timeline program Genelines with TMG? I understand that it won't read TMG files but that one can create a GED file which it will read. I wondered if anyone had tried this and how well it worked. I'm aware that TMG is set up like a timeline, but I want some of the more advanced features Genelines offers.
  2. Windows 7 64 bit + printer

    I'm in a much better mood tonight. I've followed Jim's directions and have sucessfully installed the TMG PDF printer and gotten it to work. I'm still sorry the problem exists since more of us have more powerful machines that require the 64-bit system. But so be it. I hope TMG8 comes soon. Thanks to Jim for posting those instructions.
  3. Windows 7 64 bit + printer

    ------------------------- I was told that by a tech support person early last year when I was trying to resolve the problem under Vista. As I said, I was just expressing an opinion. It's water under the bridge. Tomorrow morning (when I'm in a better mood) I will attempt the fix. I got it to work under Vista and I'm hoping I can get it to work under Windows 7. In the meantime, I'll hope TMG8 comes out quickly. I will go through all the hassle because TMG is still the best program out there. I tried Legacy and hated it. But I'm still not a happy camper.
  4. I'm just expressing an opinion. I'm furious now that I've installed Windows 7 64 bit and find that I have the same old printer problems when trying to print to a Word file. I was told that all would be well under Windows 7. Now I'm told that all will be well under TMG 8. Yes, I've seen the "pinned" topic on how to get the PDF printer to work and I'll download that message. But right now I just don't feel like doing through all that garbage!!!!!
  5. I accidentally marked a source type as primary. How do I unmark it? Also, "Book (authored)" is marked as primary. When I try to use "Book (privately published)" it keeps giving me "Book (Authored)".
  6. Yes! I found it last night and did it. Thanks!
  7. I had to reinstall Vista (yuck) and now can't check for updates from within TMG7. I remember that there is a fairly easy fix, but darned if I can find it!!!!! I'm running Vista Home Premium 64 bit.
  8. PDF printer won't install

    Bless you, Jim! I got my pdf installed correctly and got a report to save to it!!!! Now, on to Pdf conversion - I'm learning this as I go.
  9. Thanks for the replies, Jim and Michael. I just saw another post regarding the PDF option (which I've had no success with). I'm going to fiddle around with it.
  10. Oh noooo! You mean the problem isn't fixed in Win 7, either???? I can't even get mine to save to a pdf file, let alone convert it to word. I've been usin Legacy 7 while waiting for Windows 7. I really don't like Legacy, but was hoping I could go back to TMG soon. Looks like that may not be.
  11. I've had this problem for some time now (since July). The system becomes unresponsive and I have to restart. I've tried all the solutions mentioned above. I'm annoyed, but reconciled to the problem for now. I wish there were a way to copy the on-screen report that appears and then paste it into my word processor, but no luck.
  12. WordPort Spawn error

    I did that, but when I try to generate the report, TMG hangs up and I have to close it.
  13. When trying to save a report to a Word File (Word 2007) I get WordPort Spawn error. I searched the forum and found that others had that problem, but no solution. Has anybody come up with anything? I'm using Vista 64 Premium. I'm not a real happy camper!