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  1. Add new family Problem

    OK I will wait till the loose end gets tied up. Larry
  2. Add new family Problem

    OK so I wrote too quick, the problem is not solved. the column headings are not the same as the style selected. As stated earlier this only happens in the add new family or add multiple people I have an image which shows this if it would help. Larry
  3. Add new family Problem

    Virginia Yes this is the same page, however you also gave me the answer. I noticed in yours that you had birth highlighted in the selected tag types in the box at the top, I highlighted birth on mine and then the place style became available. I had name-var highlighted which means i could not get the place style to show Problem solved, thanks for the assistance. Larry
  4. Add new family Problem

    Thanks for the replies. Advanced Data entry mode is selected. Virginia- in the setup box the "style type" box has both radio buttons grayed out Note: It is only in the add family part that the style is set to the US style and cannot be changed. Larry
  5. When I try to use the "Add New Family" feature everything works fine except that the headings at the top of the columns follow the USA style. I cannot change to my style because everywhere I look the radio buttons for place style are grayed out. Can someone tell me where I can change this style?
  6. I would like to see the highlighted name in the Picklist and in Project explorer appear in the middle of the list of names showing. I find that sometimes an identical or near identical name appears just above the highlighted name and thus is not visible. I know that I can manually adjust the list with the scroll bar, but I think it would be much easier for this to happen by default.
  7. Check out http://www.infinitydatasystems.com/forums/ (you must register to view) This is a rewrite of Eudora to a more modern form called Mailforge %%%%%%%%%% Description: http://www.infinitydatasystems.com/mailforge/index.html (pricing, screenshots and FAQ available from the menu drop-down)
  8. In project explorer, the scroll bar on the right side. If I click and hold the "slider" in the scroll bar with the mouse and drag it downwards, the names in the explorer list will scroll downwards. If I do the same thing but drag upwards the list does not scroll, but will jump to the name at the location where I release the slider. (like Ver 6) Why does it not scroll in both directions? At the last User group meeting I had four people with laptops try it with the same results, so it is just not me. Larry