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  1. OT: Parallels and TMG

    Bob, With regard to your questions: 1. There are several threads on this forum about Macs using Parallels and they are quite helpful. 2. Time machine will back up Windows, but Parallels creates the virtual machine as one huge file. I found it was constantly trying to backup 32GB of data. I have specifically excluded that file from my time machine backup. I have put my TMG data on the Mac side so they are automatically backed up, but others have advised against it. If you leave them under Windows, you will need separate software for automatic backup. 3. Sorry, I don't know the answer to this one. Regards, Larry
  2. 8.07 and Mac

    ccchaney, I have run TMG under Parallels and Windows XP for a number of years and have never had the problems you referenced, so I can't speak specifically to them. I have had numerous other issues over the years however and the cure has always been the same. Ensure you have a recent backup of both data and configuration, have your license information and a fresh download of the demo version from the Wholly Genes website. You will need to remove all traces of TMG from you system using Jim Byram's instructions (see Glenn Gilbert's earlier post) and then reinstall as if it's a new installation. Larry
  3. Windows 8 Conference

    While I would prefer a native Mac version, I wouldn't let the lack of one stop me from switching to the Mac. TMG runs fine on the Mac using Parallels running Windows XP. I suspect there are others here using VM Fusion and/or some other version of Windows.
  4. Windows 8 Conference

    I know it's just wishful thinking, but I would prefer effort put into a Mac version over a Metro app version.
  5. The Future for TMG

    It sure would be nice to get an official update on the status of TMG8, but even more frequent newsletters would be reassuring.
  6. The Future for TMG

    But if I remember correctly, version 6 had about 15 updates whereas version 7 has only had 4. During the version 6 era, we were getting monthly newsletters, now it seems to be maybe 2 or 3 a year. A little more communication goes a long way.
  7. The Future for TMG

    While version 8 hasn't been significantly longer than some past versions, I suspect the angst is from lack of communication and seemingly lack of progress. There were 18 newsletters in 2008, 11 in 2009, but only 4 so far this year. During their lifetimes, version 5 had 15 releases, version 6 had 12, but version 7 has only had 4. I suspect WG is hard at work on V8, but a little more frequent communication would go a long way.