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  1. VFP9R.DLL file is invalid or damaged. How can I fix this?
  2. VFP9R.DLL file invalid or damaged

    Would have done that except I do not have the software to do that. And I am running TMG 7. Anyone have an extra copy? Thanks, Jim. You are a friend indeed.
  3. End Trial?

    Will do. Thanks.
  4. Want to buy a "used" copy of TMG 9

    The link doesn't work for me. Thanks for any help.
  5. End Trial?

    When you find the solution, let me know, PLEASE.
  6. Lost installation key for TMG v7.02

    My TMG v 7.04 occasionally forgets that I am a paid user and shifts me to trial user (?). If you have any access to the trial version, go to help, then to "about tmg" and it will show you the Serial Number. You can copy and paste that information. That works if you have access... Good luck from a long time TMG user and probably not going to switch genealogy software as I still haven't figured TMG out. mkdinWI
  7. When I attempt to create a report, I receive "WordPort Spawn error" followed by "conversion error #20 unknown error contact tech support" Help Please Thanks for any help anyone can provide. mkdunsirn
  8. Thank you to all who offered assistance, especially recommending information already available on this site. I have to admit I did not understand what I was supposed to do but fumbled on believing. And apparently it worked, so far. Life is again good. Next...I would like opinions on upgrading to TMG 9 or switching to different genealogy program. If so, which one?. Again thank you. Mary D.