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  1. Children's Window

    The spouse of a child shows up in the Children's Window. I have a direct ancestor male child who had 3 spouses during his life; the second wife bore the child who is my direct ancestor; however the third wife is the one displayed in the Children's Window. How can I get the second wife to be displayed in that location?
  2. Bad ID Number

    I tried renumbering and TMG started with the 6-digit number in lieu of the number 1 and for my second person it reverted to the number 2 and continued on in perfect order. So I've abandoned that approach. How do I load a back up file? I close the existing file. I can find the back up file but it is in a <*.sqz"> extension and it doesn't want to load. John
  3. Bad ID Number

    Yesterday I was entering several new people into my family tree in TMG v9 and I was using the TMG F2 feature to use all of my “skipped” person ID numbers (from people that I had deleted). I didn’t realize it but I finished using all the “skipped” numbers and I continued using F2 to select "unused" (but now new) numbers when TMG “blinked” and my ID numbers went from 4222 to 512892. I cannot get TMG to recognize my last person’s ID as 4221 and make my next person’s ID number 4222. Can anyone help me? Thanks John
  4. Can only open TMG v09.03 in READ ONLY mode

    Thanks Jim! I was using that procedure, so you confirmed my effort. And thanks Terry! The problem couldn't possibly be "user error" in that I was using my version 8 registration number. Well, I looked around and finally found the version 9 number and "all's right with the world." So thanks again to both of you.
  5. I've been running TMG v09.03 since it was released and now I can only open it in READ ONLY mode. I get a window "Unlock the Full Version", click on the "Unlock the full version now" button, get a REGISTRATION window, fill out the data required and then get a "Invalid data" message. Can anyone help me get my TMG operational such that it is always fully functioning?