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  1. Printing Charts

    As I work with VCF, I become more and more impressed with what it can do. However, unless I've missed it, is there a way to create a box chart for EVERYONE in my project? Not just direct descendants, but their spouses, siblings and children.
  2. Printing Charts

    I was thrown because on my program it just says VC2, I thought that maybe there was a newer version. In any case, I'm up and running, I LOVE IT!!!
  3. Printing Charts

    Is my VC2 the same as VCF2?
  4. Printing Charts

    Thanks for the reply and info. Sorry about my post location, I'm just learning.
  5. I am trying to print some descendant box charts for one part of my tree and it looks like it will be a large report (perhaps 20 pages with significant wasted space). It looks as if Visual Chartform (VC2) will give some flexibility in editing and adjusting the output on the paper. However there do not seem to be any instructions and the help screen does not work. Is this option still operable? The JPEG and Bitmap outputs do not seem to meet the needs for larger reports. Any other options?
  6. Troublesome Issues

    Thanks, I've tried that and still get the message that the file does not appear to be valid. I am not a computer expert, but when I examine the files in TMG Projects Folder I see a whole listing of files that were accessed and modified yesterday, the day that I was able to access them. There must be some way to restore these files to a new .pjc or .sqz file? Al least I hope so. I was able to use the entire program yesterday and I got messages saying the file was backed up, but those same backup versions are not recognized today. Now since I totally reloaded TMG, I do not even have access to those files that I used yesterday.
  7. Troublesome Issues

    I'm sorry, how do I "Open" the file? On the Welcome Menu there are only 6 options; "Select" a .PJC is what I've chosen and then get that "validity" message.
  8. Troublesome Issues

    Thanks for your prompt replies. I followed your explicit directions and re-loaded TMG 9.05. However, when going to "Select" a file, I get a message that says my .SQZ file has nothing to restore and then ends; when I try to use the option to "Restore" a ..PJC file I get "the file does not appear to be valid". Am I in trouble?
  9. I am running TMG V9.5 but for the last three days I have been encountering problems. The program runs intermittently in “Repair Mode”. When I try to backup my project from my main computer, I am told it is complete, but when I try to restore to my laptop, I am told there is nothing to restore. I can access, use and edit the data on my main computer but it does not look as if I can back it up successfully. I back it up to use on my portable laptop (it has the same version of TMG loaded). I have tried to load a previous version of my project, but get a message "_(name of my project)_____.pjc does not appear to be a valid file"; then I am told the project is in use elsewhere. I have also been getting the following message: "error opening database" "error message = -1, could not open ____(name of project)______project (2$.DBF)"; this occurs when I try to produce certain reports (Descendant Box or Ancestor Box, chart reports seem to run fine). Therefore, I am unable to run these charts. I have been on this forum and from what I read it looks as if I may have a corrupted program. The suggestion is to reload TMG; 1) I do not know how to find a copy to download and 2) I am concerned about reloading the program w/o a verifiable backup. I do not want to lose the data that I've been working on the past few days. I've tried file validation and optimize with no changes. I've also de-fragged my computer and error checked the system. I also tried to re-load TMG 9.5 in the "Repair mode" I do want to reload the entire program until I hear that my data is safe. Finally, I only run one program at a time. Help would be appreciated.
  10. Images - editing

    When I try to edit an imported image of a person (resize or crop the image to show only a head shot) the program freezes up. To correct this I have to re-boot the entire program. Is there a way to edit photos in the program or should they be imported in their final intended form? Has anyone encountered this situation?