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  1. Error: vfpcom.dll is not registered

    I fixed the second error by running installer as administrator as Glenn had earlier suggested. Don
  2. Setup is already running

    Glenn, That's what I did and it worked. Thanks, Don
  3. TMG 9.05 UK to Parallels 12

    John, I recently started running TMG 9 on my iMac with Window10 and Parallels12. I'm having a problem sorting out the exhibit files. All my photos are on my Mac and I can't seem to get to them, and my external exhibits are on the Windows side. I'm unable to access my photos for new exhibits. I am backing up all my data and exhibits to the windows side. Any suggestions how I can make things easier to work with? I am using the documents folder on the the Windows side. Don
  4. With help here I was able to download TMG 9.5 to my iMac running Win10 with Parallels. Everything ran OK until I tried to add an exhibit. I get the error "vfp.com.dll not registered." I tried to rerun TMG 9 installer to see if that would repair the problem but got, "Windows installer error opening installation log files. Verify that log file location exists and is writable". Any ideas how to fix these errors would be appreciated. I don't know if they are related or not. Don
  5. Setup is already running

    John, I rebooted Windows and installed all the updates, but still have the same problem. Sometimes I first get "Error opening installation log file. Verify that the specified log file location exists and is writable." File I'm trying to install is TMGv9Gold-tmg905setup.exe. Is that the correct one for TMG 9.5? I appreciate all your help. Thank you, Don
  6. I am trying to upgrade from TMG 7 to TMG 9.5. When I try to open tmg9setup 3.exe i get, "another instance of setup is already running." I'm trying to do this on my iMac with Parallels 12.0.0 and Windows 10. I also have SS. I get the same response when I try to open it on my laptop. My iMac is networked with my windows laptop. A couple of years ago I did have TMG 9.1 on the laptop, and thought that might be the problem, so I removed the 9.1. I am trying to open the tmg 9.5 exe with the laptop turned off. I can't find anyplace where TMG 9.1 is on the iMac, unless maybe in the Cloud. I have tried searching for others i with this problem and have not found any. I have not had many problems with TMG 7 on the iMac. The only major problem I did have, was when I installed a bad external hard drive to use Time Machine, it wiped out all my TMG backup on a USB drive. I now going to back up to my C drive in addition to the USB drive.. I had to go back to my laptop to get the last backup there. I lost several months of work. Could that be related? Any help would be appreciated. Don