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  1. TMG crashes when attempting to load.

    Thank you all so much for this. I followed the instructions (with some trepidation!) and it now opens without a hitch. I had planned to call in my support people but this was altogether better. Thanks again. Not even very difficult when you are told what to do!
  2. Windows 10 Attack

    Yes, we have AVG. Is there anything we can do to get around the problem - sounds as though it isn't new. I can check with our support people if you don't have the answer. Thanks for your suggestion and prompt response.
  3. Windows 10 Attack

    This is a variation on the problem with Windows 10. I had a lot of problems trying to install the program but finally succeeded when I found Jim's advice on deleting the Program file folder etc. It then installed properly but I tried to load my back-up file (an .sqz file created on a different computer) and I got a message saying there was a problem with The Master Genealogist and it was shutting the program. 'Windows would notify me when a solution was found'. Now when I try and open the program, it shows my data is there - ie I can click on Open the last project used, but it gets to various stages of showing me the different banners etc, and then it just shuts. Any advice on how to resolve this would be welcome. Sally