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  1. This error has been bothering me as well. I have searched my computer files looking for a ZIP file but cant find one. I have found that when you enter the backup box and hit next you have the source path for the file (where it is coming from) and below that is the destination path (where the backed up file is going). Uncheck the box Generate Archive name automatically this will allow you to change the path by clicking the ..... on the right. Back up the path to your PC and then enter Windows8_OSĀ©/Users\Your User Name\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Backups Then when you enter the finish button it should back up. The problem is that you have to do this every time you want to back up Not the perfect solution. Does anyone have a better solution that works?
  2. File access denied

    Look at your sources - the Source Types you assigned when you created them have been lost. The data in the various Source Elements is now scrambled. So your source notes in reports will be a mess. Did you every use Witnesses? If so, they are lost. Did you every put two Principals in a Tag that were not husband and wife? If so, those Tags are lost. Did you ever enter a Date in a Note Tag? If so, those dates are lost. Read Michael's article for a more complete list. While you may not have used any of the features whose data loss he describes, I think you will find you did use a number of them. I just spent some time going through my file and many of the Items you note I have not done. For example in my file of 5000 + people I only used the Witnesses only 6 times. My Sources seem fine. I did not use many note tags and most all were not dated as they were notes to myself. I do appreciate this information and if I run into problems I will know why. I guess the real question is I have the 9.01 disk and because I needed to install on a new computer (or Hard Drive) How do I get the 9.05 upgrade? When I tried back in June I could not find a disk or a download that worked.
  3. File access denied

    By doing that you lost a lot of data. Why didn't you just install 9.05? The installers are available in a number of places, including at Wholly Genes at the link provided in a pinned topic at the top of this section. Every link to the 9.05 upgrade I tried did not work This was back in June or July. I did not lose any data by doing the GEDCOM swap. The thing that saved me was I had another computer with all my data in 9.05 that I could make a GEDCOM with to do the swap.
  4. File access denied

    Not sure on that one Nicholas, Give it a try and see what happens. In my case I was trying to run a 9.05 file on a 9.01 program. Unless you can get the Upgrade file for 9.05 the upgrade can't be done. That is why I converted my 9.05 files to a GEDCOM then put them into another program, made another GEDCOM and then put them into TMG 9.01. The program works fine and I have not had any further problems.
  5. File access denied

    Nicholas, You said you reinstalled TMG was that from a disk?
  6. File access denied

    Nicholas, when you reinstalled TMG you installed 9.01. You then tried to run your 9.05 file on the 9.01. The problem is you need the 9.05 upgrade which was only downloaded over the internet. I resolved the problem in my post above 17 Jul 2016.
  7. File access denied

    I am not sure if this is related but if you had to reinstall TMG 9 you may be trying to run a project that was made on a newer version. For example The basic disk for TMG 9 is 9.01. If the Project was made on TMG 9.05 you will get a file access denied message. I resolved the issue by making a GEDCOM installing it to another program (Ancestry 2011) Then made a GEDCOM in ancestry and installed in into TMG 9.01. When you install it you may have to use Advanced Import if you have any custom tags. My project which was made in TMG 9.05 now works fine in TMG 9.01. I have not been able to find a download to TMG 9.05.