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  1. Hi, I am a long time TMG user but as of recently I am receiving an error I can't seem to fix. I am trying to create a report of a List of Tasks. When I go to the menu bar and click Report > List of ... > Tasks and click the "Create Report" button I get this error: "Memo file c:\Users\Mike\Desktop\TMG BACKUP\Projects\OCEARBHAIL_L.FPT is missing or is invalid. When I click "Cancel" or "Ignore" on the error dialogue box, another box comes up saying "Unknown member ROPROTECTIONMAN" and I have to use Task Manger to force quit TMG. I have tried Reindexing and Optimizing the project files in the Maintenance menu with no luck. I have also tried rolling back that specific file to an earlier version, but it only made matters worse. It seems that the memo file is somehow corrupt. Is there anyone who knows how to repair a corrupted FPT file? Any help is appreciated. This project is over 10 years old and I'd hate to lose any of my work!
  2. Thanks Jim and Michael! I really appreciate the help you've given me. As usual, you guys come up with things I'd never had considered. I guess now that TMG is no longer supported, workarounds are going to be more numerous. It's still a great product though!
  3. Thank you. Is it still possible to run this List of Events filter for people in my Focus Group? I guess I wouldn't necessarily need to know the exact number of Marriage Group Citations for each person in the Focus Group, but it would be helpful to know that at least 1 exists.
  4. Hi, I'm attempting to run a report that will show me the number of citations for selected groups (ie: birth group, marriage group, death group) from the Report Definition Screen - List of People. Selecting "options", and using the "output columns" tab, I enter the "name group tag - last, given names. I follow that with "Birth Group Tag - # of Citations", "Marriage Group Tag - # of Citations", and "Death Group Tag - # of Citations". When I create the report, the results are correct for the number of citations in the birth and death groups, but the marriage group number of citations reads "1" regardless of how many citations I have for any person. It states, "1", even for those never married and without any citations. Any ideas? Thanks!