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  1. Scroll bar shift

    I think I have solved my own problem. Resize the window. As I increase the size of the window (click on edge and drag), at one point, the side scroll bar disappears. Shrink the window and the bar reappears. Thanks anyway. Robert Morris
  2. Scroll bar shift

    I have a problem with my TMG 9, In the Person View for some persons (not all) the scroll bar is at the bottom of the window, not at the side. So the top of the window is hidden and I am unable to scroll to the top to see it. I am sure there is some easy fix, but I cannot find it. Thanks for your help. Robert Morris
  3. Number of children sentence

    Did you make a tag for this--"Children"? If so, how does it print out in a journal for example, in place of the children section? RJ Morris