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  1. Back up v7

    Regarding my previous post on back up I rebooted my computer this did not work I switched my backup file location to another internal drive and backup was succssfull. I do have a Western Digital backup system that monitors these files, it could be that it had the TMG v7 backup file folder open or something like that preventing the TMG backup program to work.
  2. Back up v7

    I just tried to do something similiar, backup my project on V7 from my project files to a second internal drive I have and I received the error Input file read failure-This srror occurs when a file read operation is performed on a zip file that is locked or restricted by another process I have backed up my project several times before with out any problem. The only thing that I have done since the last backup, was add several photos to some of my names, and run the Utilities program and Second site program that I received on the October cruise. Later today I will try other options that have been suggested already. Alan