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  1. Need a Copy of Version 6

    Okay I will do that. Thank you.
  2. Need a Copy of Version 6

    After three years I don't think I have a serial number laying around. At least I can't find it.
  3. Need a Copy of Version 6

    I did download it was able to restore most of my backed up data. Thanks again. How do I get rid of that 30 day screen or maybe I can't?
  4. Need a Copy of Version 6

    Thank you, I''ll give it a try.
  5. When I bought a copy of Version 6 three years ago, I downloaded it and didn't buy a CD. Just yesterday I had to have the hard drive replaced and now I no longer have V. 6 on my computer. I really don't want to upgrade to V. 7 as I don't need all the bells and whistles. Is there anyway I can find a copy of V. 6 to download?
  6. Administrator and Limited Accounts XP

    It's been over two years and I suspect I did install it as a single user. I was really ignorant about the difference between limited and administrator accounts when I switched over to Widows XP. Reinstalling may be more trouble than it's worth. At least now I know what I did wrong. Thanks.
  7. I have found that I have to be logged into the adminstrator's account on my XP computer if I want to add anything in my TMG genealogies. Is there anyway to get around this? Kind of a pain to be using the limited account on the Internet, find something to add to TMG, and then have to switch accounts.
  8. Can't Create Journal Reports

    That seems to have solved the problem. Thanks Terry.
  9. Can't Create Journal Reports

    It doesn't matter who I select, it tells me there are no descendants. Like I said, I didn't have any trouble creating Journal reports before. I can't see that the settings are any different.
  10. I'm having a problem creating any Journal reports. I haven't had any problems in the past but now when I select Print and Save, I get a message that the person has no descendants. I've made sure I have selected more than 10 generations and descendants in the options, but it doesn't help.
  11. My 30 day free trial is almost over and I want to purchase a key, but when I go to the site it only gives me the option of buying and downloading. But I don't want to download another copy. Am I missing something?
  12. I'm trying out the 30 day trial version and I can't discover how to unlink a child from the wrong mother.
  13. Creating Word Reports

    Okay I see how to do it now. It's going to take me a while to get used to Version 6 after using 4 for so many years.
  14. I have downloaded the 30 day trial version and I don't see any way to create a journal report and send it to a Word file. Is this because the trial version doesn't have all the features unlocked?
  15. Creating Reports

    Thanks, hope that helps me.