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  1. You are both almost right. I only have the UK version as an install version, but unfortunately left the language on English (US) when asked to select the language during the install. I did that because, being in Australia, we use the US keyboard with the $ key rather than the pound key. I had confused the use of a US keyboard with the use of the US language setting in TMG. I can see now how the Census 19011 tag came about. I must have copied our Census 1901 tag to create the US Census tag, so that all the roles were copied to the new tag. We must have done the same with the Canadian Census tag. Again, thank you for your help.
  2. Thank you. That fixed the problem. It was set on English (US) instead of English (UK). I'm amazed that such a change had such an effect. Thank you all for your help over the last few days.
  3. Hi Michael and Jim, Just to muddy the water even further, I copied the "corrupted project" from B to a new folder on A and opened it in TMG on A. Lo and behold the tags are correct, ie Census 19011 appears as US Census, as it did originally. So the data itself on B is not corrupt - it is just that TMG on B is displaying it incorrectly. I'm also not aware of having imported tags to this project (except when trying to fix this problem as mentioned in my original post) so I doubt that that is involved. Richard
  4. Unfortunately that hasn't fixed the problem. I excluded tmg9.exe from Real-time Scanning, rebooted, and restored the project, but the American and Canadian censuses still show as tags Census 19011 and 190111.
  5. Both computers are from Dell and both are using the same McAfee Security software. Windows Defender is turned off on both computers. The main difference is that computer A is an upgraded system from Windows 7, while B is native Windows 10.
  6. My wife and I both use TMG (v 9.05 UK). My PC (computer A) is running Windows 10 Prof (upgraded from W7 Prof) and TMG runs perfectly. My wife has recently purchased a new PC (computer which was pre-installed with Windows 10 Prof. I loaded TMG onto B and restored the Project (more than 15000 persons) and everything appeared to be running smoothly – until we went to enter some UK census data. As we are both from the UK the majority of the people in our Project are/were in the UK. We have separate tags for each UK census (Census 1841, Census 1851, etc). We both have a few US and Canadian relatives, so we use a US Census tag and a Canadian Census tag. On B, these latter tags now appear as Census 19011 and as Census 190111 respectively. Also the default sentence structure in the UK census tags has been changed. On A they read “ In 1911 [PF] <|and [PO]> appeared in the census <[L1]> …<[L5]>, <[M]>” On B they read “[P] <was | and [PO] were> Census 1911 <[M]> <[D]> <[L]>” I have uninstalled TMG on B and reinstalled it, but the problem remains. I have also copied the entire Projects folder from A to B, and although everything appears correctly on A, the tags are corrupted when the same database files are displayed on B. I had always assumed that the tag definitions were specific to the Project, so copying the Projects folder should transfer all the tag definitions as well, but it doesn’t seem to work that way. I’ve tried exporting the tags from A and importing them to B, but B recognises that they already exist so will not overwrite them. I’ve looked in Terry Reigel's Data File Storage webpage and in the Help within TMG but I can’t see anything that explains what is going on (let alone how to fix it). Can anyone explain what is going on?