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  1. Terry & Michael, Terry, I was referring to the Bookmark toolbar and the text that is displayed in this toolbar and its immediate dropdown list. I suspect you are referring to the Bookmark Manager List, which has the same list. When I change the Lists font size, it has no impact on the text size in this toolbar. I don't think this is limited to Windows 7, as I get the same results with TMG 7.04 running on 32-bit XP. However, XP displays a larger font than Windows 7, at least on my PCs. Changing the Windows 7 Display font size has no impact on the Tag Entry screen text size. Bill
  2. Followup: I tried lower monitor resolutions. Using anything other than the recommended resolution (1600x1200 and the maximum for this monitor) gives somewhat fuzzy characters as compared to the recommended resolution. I read somewhere that this limitation is associated with the monitor itself and occurs with most monitors. I use a 2005 vintage 20" Dell LCD monitor. I'll live with my current settings. Thanks for your ideas. Bill
  3. Terry, I believe I tried all the font size controls within TMG Preferences before settling on increasing the Windows 7 display font size. I'm still unhappy with the font size for things such as the List of Bookmarked People, Tag Entry window fields, etc., that neither respond to any of the TMG controls nor the Windows 7 display font size control. I find it odd that the Memo field in the Tag Entry window responds to font size controls but other fields in this window do not. Virginia, I also tried lowering my monitor screen resolution, but my recollection is that this made the characters for everything somewhat fuzzy. I'll take another look at this to be sure. Bill
  4. Virginia, I had actually increased the Windows 7 display font size percentage to 150% while trying to make the other TMG fonts large enough for my old eyes. I set this to 125% and the chopping off problem went away. Experimenting, I found that 130% is about the largest I can make the size and not have a chopping off problem. I'll try this and see if I can live with this compromise. If not, I'll go back to 150% and quit worrying about the chopping off problem. Thanks, Bill
  5. In the Details window for the Person View tab, the column labels (e.g. Type, Date, Name/Place, etc.) are chopped off at the bottom. While not a show stopper, it is very annoying. I am using TMG v7.04 on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. Any suggestions for fixing this? It works ok on my XP 32-bit laptop. I can send a screen shot of the problem (if these posts allow attachments).
  6. When I create a Family Group Sheet or Endnotes report using PDF output, the file size is unusally large. For example, an Endnotes.PDF file containing just five lines of text is 809KB in size. I'm using TMG 7.04. Using TMG 6.12, the file size would have been a fraction of this. This is a problem, especially when I want to e-mail the file as an attachment. What is causing this?