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  1. Map My Family Tree

    Thanks, I went to the site and downloaded the upgrade. It looks as if it is working nicely.
  2. Map My Family Tree

    I bought it from TMG. I would have thought it would have said that it wasn't compatible. Who do I need to talk to to find out?
  3. I have just installed "Map my Family Tree" and tried to use it with my main database and I keep getting a codebase error -70, and 91102. I tried it on several projects in v.7 and couldn't open any; however, I went back to v. 6 and could open those projects. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Problems with version 7

    I have the same thing, also the longer I have been working in the program, the worse it gets. Eventually, I shut my whole system down and reboot and it seems to help. Anne of AI I have this happen a lot if I am using Alt-Tab and lot flipping back and fourth from a TMG window to a Ancestry.com window to enter data ie: census data, etc. I even upgraded my machine to 2G of RAM thinking that would help, but it doesn't. I found if I just close the program frequently and reopen it that I have the best luck. -Kris
  5. On This Day

    I played around with this some more and came up with another error. The error above was because I still had TMG v7 database open. Now I am getting the same one I got last night -70 and 01102. Also, last night I got some results to show up but it just had the words: birth, anniversary etc without the person's name to go along with it.
  6. On This Day

    I have On This Day and I am trying to change the link from the old project I still have on v6 to the new v7. I've gone to the v7 projects and tried to link the project and I get an error -61 and 90615 Permission opening file. What do I need to do to change the link? Does it matter than I am using the same name for the v6 and v7 files?
  7. Repeat source key

    Last night when I was entering data, I would click on the new "repeat last source" key and the last source would appear and when I put in the surety the sources would sort so that the one with the higher surety would be on top. Today, when I click on the last source, I get source #5 or #6 which I haven't used since late last night. That's one that should have dropped off long ago, but it is still there. When I hit F3 in the field, it comes up correctly as the last source I used. I don't think I have changed anything that should make this change. I tried the feature on the sample database and it worked perfectly.
  8. Place style

    Most of the people in my database live in a township. I want the default place style to come up District, township, city, county, state etc., especially when I am adding census information. I have changed the defaults on the add new person screen so I have different styles when entering a birth, census information, marriage, death, burial (I have all these set up when I enter a new person) That part works just fine. However, when I go to enter census information on a person who is existing, it still comes up U. S. Standard even when I have gone to the Data Set Manager and changed it. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Convert v6 to v7

    Terry, thank you so much! I feel like a dunce. I didn't scroll down far enough once I got to "News and Information." I expected the information to be in that group and chose "Frequently Asked Questions" first and then went to the other 4 topics. I guess I must have been in FAQ when I did the search. I now feel like I have a map and can figure out where to go for the information I need.
  10. Convert v6 to v7

    Terry, I confess that I am at a loss on this forum. I never can find anything. Before I wrote, I searched in vain for help and couldn't find anything. I read your reply and still couldn't find the topic "Pinned: Important Upgrade Instructions." I even did a topic search using your words exactly and I still don't come up with anything. I confess to being completely boggled by this forum. I've been to graduate school and yet, I can't seem to figure out how to find information here and I usually end up asking some kind soul personally. I hate to bother you, but would you please tell me exactly how to get to the article you suggested? BTW, I finally figured out the conversion issue by myself. Now, I'd just like to learn how to use the forum. Is there one place where all the topics are listed? Anne
  11. Convert v6 to v7

    I am very confused about how to transfer my projects to v7 without losing all the preferences and features that I have created in v6. When I try to simply open the project in v7, I get an error that says I have my files in an area that is reserved for program files and I have to move them to either my user space or a common user space.
  12. I go through this every time I upgrade. How do I bring all my projects into v7 without losing all my customized features?