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  1. Hi Virginia,

    Yes, I had a default printer. I added another printer and that did not fix it's glitch. However, running VFI DID find the 5545 exhibits so I am only missing 9 now. Much more reasonable number to find due to the transition. I tried the troubleshoot right click on the printer in Devices. The problem continues. I'm suspicious that it is related to the message that it is a 32 bit printer when this is a 64 bit system? But I do not know how to fix that, if it is indeed the problem.

    Must get ready for a family reunion this morning so I will hope the other reports will print correctly.


  2. Resetting the defaults did not work. When I tried to install the PDF printer, it indeed confirmed that it is already set up.


    Oddly when I tried to print a pedigree to PDF it locked up the program. I closed and restarted TMG and then it said the file was being used. When I tried to delete it from the Report Output file (it has 0 kb of data) it says 'The action can't be completed because the file is open in Print driver host for 32bit applications. Close the file and try again.


    I also can't get the Exhibit pathway reset. Under Preferences I set it to D:ExhibitsBD Family Exhibits but when I look at a census note it is still looking where my old computer had the exhibit folder on F drive (I have no F drive now). I did press APPLY and then OK.


    When I go to add an exhibit it goes to the D drive but it has frowny faces for my thousands of existing exhbitis. I must be forgetting something as it seemed much easier the last time I had to move all the files to a new computer.



  3. I had a notebook failure so I have a new notebook with Word 2013. I installed TMG 8 from the web and added the serial number and then restored a back up. I'm trying to get things set right (like Exhibit pathways) but the most concerning issue is that every time I run a Family Group Record and save it as a WORD file it says it is corrupt. I switched to RTF and it works. I also had trouble saving a Pedigree to PDF format this morning. Can this be remedied? My old notebook had WORD 2010 and never a problem with TMG 8.


    Appreciate guidance.

    Denise Sproed in Oregon