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  1. Journal reports and Book Manager

    I sent an email to the Wholly Genes Tech Support and the problem was solved with the following: Cheers, Geoff **** Select the report. On the Report Definition screen up near the top there is an Add and a Delete button. Click on Delete. You will get a message telling you this is a standard report and can't be deleted and asked if you want to reset to the defaults. Answer Yes and then try the report again. There is no limit on the size of the memo field. However you do have to be careful when pasting to always paste anything as Unformatted Text. If you just paste direct you run the chance that codes from whatever you copied from get pasted as well that often confuses the dickens out of TMG. ****
  2. Journal reports and Book Manager

    I get an error while trying to printing and saving a Journal report. It comes up as "Conversion Error #13 - Source File Discrepancy" and no report is produced. I have never seen this problem before today. I have run the Maintenance Reindex, Optimize, and Validate File Integrity and restarted the program several times. Any suggestions? The only thing differently that I have done lately is to paste a rather large text file into a Memo field (not one of the people in the report). Is there a limit to what can be put into a Memo field? Thinking that this might have been the issue, I deleted the tag with this memo, and re-ran the Maintenance Reindex, Optimize, and Validate File Integrity and restarted the program several times. The error still appears. I am running Windows XP SP2 and TMG v6.12.000 Thanks, Geoff
  3. Thanks Jim. Copying the .txt file that you provided worked perfectly. Until I copied the file, I found that hitting the "Ignore" button twice in a row allowed the program to start and load my family file. For your information, I (like another poster named Carol) am using Windows XP, SP2. Thanks again, Geoff
  4. I followed the instructions in the latest Wholly Genes Newsletter, 27 July 2007, Issue 2007-11 to update the Web menu / Place databases / GNIS selection. The instructions in the Newsletter were as follows: ************* 1) To update the Web menu: Access Web menu > Places databases > Customize and change the URL for "United States (GNIS)" to: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic Save those changes and then access the service through Web > Places databases > United States (GNIS). ************* I followed the instructions and now cannot open my family file. Multiple errors appear including "Function name is missing ). 36 TMGAPPOBJ.MUPDATEWEBPLACES", with Abort, Retry and Ignore buttons. No combination of pressing these buttons allows me to open my family file. What is going on and what is the solution to this problem? Thanks, Geoff
  5. In a Journal Report, how do you go about including information about children by a spouse's previous marriage? I have a case where a boy is listed as a grandson in a census listing and he is the Wife's grandson by a previous marriage (actually relationship because her children are listed as illegitimate in earlier census listings). In a Journal Report on the Head's side, the grandson does not appear. What options do I have? The mother of the grandson does not appear to have been adopted by the Head so I would prefer not to use an adoption tag. Thanks, Geoff
  6. Crash when choosing sibling

    It does not appear that I can turn the anti-virus off on my computer. Item tips in the Siblings List in not turned on. The siblings window is in the lower right corner and the program is running as a window (not full screen). The error only occurs when I am working in Details window and double click on one of the siblings. If I single click on a sibling to "activate" the Sibling window, then double click on the sibling, it changes the view to the sibling with no problem. If I forget to do this two step approach, the program suddenly dies as described by others in this thread. As suggested, I turned on the Items Tips in the Siblings list and I can't recreate the error. Then I tried turning off the Items Tips and again, I can't recreate the error. I even exited and re-entered the program and now it doesn't appear to have this error any more. The only thing I did was turn the Item Tips off and then back on, and it appears to have fixed the issue. Bizarre! You have to love these "undocumented features". Thanks for your help! Geoff
  7. Crash when choosing sibling

    I have the same problem and have to carefully avoid double clicking in the sibling window. I am running Windows XP with Symantec AntiVirus running. Has anyone come up with a solution for to avoid this problem? The error code from vfp7rerr.log is: Fatal error: Exception code=C0000005 @ 2007.02.09 03:06:21 PM. Error log file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\vfp7rerr.log Called from - tmgmain line 595 {C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\tmg\programs\tmgmain.prg c:\program files\the master genealogist\tmg.exe} Thanks, Geoff