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    Uxbridge, London, England.
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    Member of the Society of Genealogists, London.
    Member of the Guild of One-name Studies researching Hewitson, Stark and variants. (The intention being to record every Hewitson etc, worldwide. Currently biased towards UK data). Current TMG database circa 100,000 persons. Retired Computer Systems Developer.
  1. I have thousands of coordinate place elements that contain data with the format nnnnnnAnnnnnnnA [space] text qualifying the accuracy of the coordinates Migration to V8 fails to translate the coordinates into the new decimal format, presumably because of the additional text. I would prefer to leave the coordinates elements in my current format and have them imported to V8 successfully, but failing that, I can move the additional text to Field 10 which is currently unused. I assume migration would then work OK? So, how do I do this. I don't know FoxPro, but in the data structures I'm familiar with I could achieve this in seconds. I can't find any way in TMG to do this, other than by hand which will take weeks if not months. Not an option. I assume the data is in the _pd.FTP file. If so, how can I get at it and edit it? (Buying FoxPro for £600/900$ is also not an option, especially for a technology in its death throes). (i've had a look at John Cardinal's TMG utility, but can't see a solution there).
  2. Merge 2 Individuals is corrupt

    Not yet. I've held off in case someone from WG wanted to experiment - I've lots more mergers to do.
  3. I have merged 2 individuals. Both dissappeared from my database, and a person from another datset was displayed. To aid investigation, I repeated the process, and logged my actions: I selected an individual 1:11005 and chose the 'merge 2 individuals option' and selected 1:24108 I was offered the choice of 1:24108 and 2:24108. (Why is this choice always offered when merging between datasets is not permitted?) I chose 1:24108 The merge screens were displayed. 2:15876 was on the left and 1:24108 was on the right I cancelled I repeated steps 1-3 This time 1:11005 was displayed on the left and 1:24108 on the right I checked the name of 1:11005, unchecked the name of 1:24108 and merged 2:15876 was displayed in the person details not 1:11005 I selected 'Last Viewed person'. 1:11005 was displayed. I selected F2. 2:15876, not 1:11005 was displayed in the Expanded Picklist I tried again: I selected 1:11010, After this person was displayed, I hit F2 and selected the following entry 1:24852 Having checked that this was the correct person with which I intended to merge, I selected 'Last Viewed person'. 2:5210 was displayed. I selected 'Last Viewed person'. Nothing happened. I repeated this several times but 2:5210 remained displayed I hit F2 and was returned to 1:11010 in the Expanded Picklist, not 2:5210 I selected 1:11010 from the picklist and this person was displayed. I selected 'Last Viewed person'. Nothing happened. I repeated this several times but 1:11010 remained displayed I hit F2 and was returned to 2:5210 in the Expanded Picklist, not 1:11010 I scrolled through the Expanded Picklist to find 1:11010 It wasn't there. But 1:11005 (the missing ID from my first merge) was there, with the Name from 1:11010. And when I checked the tags, the data belonged to neither the original 1:11005 nor 1:11010 !!! Clearly, there's major problems here.
  4. Source Citations for Exhibits

    Thanks for that, Terry. As I don't use Second it looks as though I'll have to continue entering an acknowledgement in the description. Seems an odd oversight. I've looked for a WishList to add this to, but couldn't find one. Is there one on the Forum or WG Website?
  5. What is the best way to record source citations for an exhibit? I haven't discovered a way of linking an exhibit to an entry in the Master Source List. For example, if I acquire data and exhibits, say a photo, I can attach a source citation to the data, but not the photo. Is there a way of linking the photo to a source?
  6. Map co-ordinates not working

    Thanks Michael. Unfortnuately, the problem persists whatever the setting of the of the Validate LAT/LONG value.
  7. Map co-ordinates not working

    I have a major problem with my coordinates. I think I know the cause, if these assumptions are correct: Coordinates will be displayed throughout TMG in the format chosen in the Preference setting, except for Tag Entry The Tag Entry screen will always display the coordinates in the first of the digital format options in the Preferences settings Irrespective of the chosen Preference setting, coordinates can only successfully be entered and edited using the first of the digital format options Any coordinate value entered in the Tag Entry screen not conforming to the first of the digital format options will not be treated as a valid coordinate TMG will fail to convert (without awarning) any coordinates that do not precisely match an expected format. I have almost 1000 address coordinates which have not been converted on migration to V8. I suspect this is because I add additional data after the coordinates to indicate how accurate they are. For example 001122N0001122E (street), 001122N0001122E (district centre), 001122N0001122E (precise), etc., etc. This technique works in all the mapping sites and TMG7, but not apparently in V8. (As an aside, I do this for the benefit of future researchers. I often glean precise locations from high detail historic maps to which others may not have access). So, can you suggest how I might assimilate my old coordinates into V8? Life's too short to consider manual reformatting
  8. Place mapping does not work with any map supplier / latitude-longitude formation. I have V7 working on one PC and the look-up works OK. I have tried looking up the identical reference on another PC with V8 and none of available mapping sites can recognise the latitude-longitude co-ordinates. I have discovered the new co-ordinate format options available in V8. I have set each one in turn and tried all the look-up options. None work.
  9. A dataset contains a Place Style with no name, only the data set number being shown. Selecting <Edit> with this style highlighted produces a sequence of error messages including: Function argument value, type, or count is invalid 33 GETPARTID Subscript is outside defined range 33 GETPARTID With the errant place style highlighted, selecting <Delete> produces the warning that 783 places will be reset to the default style. How can I identify these. and correct or delete the Place Style if necessary?
  10. The default US Place Style is identical to the UK Place Style. As a default style, I am unable to edit it What's the best way to fix this? I have been able to set up my own USA style, identical to what should be the default US style, OK for new entries, but my existing US addresses will be wrong.
  11. System Crash : Sentence Preview

    Hello Vera, The sentences were not identical. Jim Byram has asked for evidence and I will be sending this to him soon. Thank you for your interest. JAS
  12. System Crash : Sentence Preview

    Jim, I'm having problems with email. I will respond as soon as I can. JAS
  13. System Crash : Sentence Preview

    Works OK for me too on another person. Restesting the original entry still crashes the program. Understood. It's not a problem for me - I was more concerned about the cause of the crash. I'm happy, but let me know if you want more details of the circumstances for future reference.
  14. TMG7UK consistently crashes when scrolling a sentence preview. Circumstances: - Entered a death cause. Memo field contents: Mitral Reguritation ([iTAL:]failure of a heart valve[:ITAL]) - The default sentence structure did not produced desired results. Tag default sentence was amended to [PGS] cause of death was recorded as [M] - On inspection, the text looked correct, but in Sentence Preview the text was on two lines, with only the second line visible. - On selecting the scroll up arrow, the system crashes. vpf9rerr.log Fatal error: Exception code=C0000005 @ 2008.05.06 12:55:31 PM. Error log file: C:\Windows\System32\vfp9rerr.log Called from - tmgmain line 556 {C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist v7\tmg\programs\tmgmain.prg c:\program files\the master genealogist v7\tmg7.exe} Fatal error: Exception code=C0000005 @ 2008.05.06 01:30:09 PM. Error log file: C:\Windows\System32\vfp9rerr.log Called from - tmgmain line 556 {C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist v7\tmg\programs\tmgmain.prg c:\program files\the master genealogist v7\tmg7.exe} Fatal error: Exception code=C0000005 @ 2008.05.06 01:34:43 PM. Error log file: C:\Windows\System32\vfp9rerr.log Called from - tmgmain line 556 {C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist v7\tmg\programs\tmgmain.prg c:\program files\the master genealogist v7\tmg7.exe}
  15. Master Place List & Event Memos

    Unfortunately no. Its a legacy from when I first started using TMG when I was feeling my way. I run a one name study and currently have over 70,000 people documented (to varying degrees of completeness) with lots more to come. Not sure how many events I have (a TMG List of Events crashes because the report is too large), but I would guess somewhere between ¼ and ½ million and I expect it to expand significantly. If I don't rigorously standardize in order to automate my website, I won't be able to cope, so I may as well bite the bullet now. Not sure how I will proceed on the website front (current thinking is to learn PHP and provide a database search) but I may well have a go with Second Site.