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  1. With V9 and the use of multiple citation detail entries ( [CD1], [CD2], etc) for a source citation, the preview screen is not showing the proper information. It works when there is just one citation detail [CD]. Also, when a narrative report, for example, is displayed or printed, the citation shows multiple entries of "unknown detail" for as many subcategories of [CD] that appeared in the source definition. Has anyone seen this?
  2. Ver 8.01 Failed to Load and Removed Ver 8.0

    Update. Finally was able to install Ver 8.01. Could only be done by clicking on the "Typical" installation. The "Custom" installation continued to fail - tried a half-dozen variations on install process, including making sure leftover files from 8.01 install were removed from computer. The other failure of the "Custom" install was its failure to make backup files and re-install them when the 8.01 install failed.
  3. Ver 8.01 Failed to Load and Removed Ver 8.0

    Thanks for suggestion. Tried that and the installer package hung at about 80% complete. Setup software does not seem to work.
  4. Had Version 8.0 installed and worked fine. Program opened and it started to download and install Ver 8.01. Download worked OK but install hung at about 90% completed and backed out. Problem is the original files for 8.0 were removed during installation process by TMG and Ver 8.01 doesn't exist. So, I'm without any program, either 8.0 or 8.01. How to recover from this?
  5. When double-clicking on a person's name in the Details window, Children window or Associates window, the focus changes to the person clicked. However, when double-clicking a person in the Siblings window, this doesn't happen and the "Change focus to this person" on the right-click menu is greyed out. Can the behavior of the Siblings window be changed to be the same as the other windows in a next release?
  6. Enhancements to V7

    This is a request for enhancing the usability of TMG. When a sub-window is open, such as when I'm entering a source or a citation, there is no access to either the menu bar or custom toolbar for accessing a web site - they are greyed out. But this is the time when I most need access to check some part of the source data or citation data. It's easy enough to just go back to my desktop where the shortcuts are also entered and use these, but I'd rather work from within TMG - it's more efficient for me. The Version 7 improvements are very helpful, especially those related to citation and source input and reports, so keep up the good work.
  7. Unable to Backup using Version 6

    Thanks for the suggestion. It made me think a bit more about programs I have running in the background. I had thought of a possible conflict with Norton Internet Security and had disabled it earlier with no help. However, I was able to find the culprit, which was X1 (the file search program), and after shutting it down was able to back up TMG. I'll do without X1 to save the grief.
  8. When trying to do a backup, I run into the error message: "Input file read failure - This error occurs when a file read operation is performed on a ZIP file that is locked or restricted by another process" This has happened for the past six months with the last two versions (currently running 6.12.000) and occurs no matter whether I try to do a project backup or a project+customization backup. I've followed the suggestions in several older message threads in 2007 with no success. I've tried not backing up the external image files, tried different folder paths (changing folder paths on my hard drive as well as the appropriate changes in the program preferences for file locations). I've run all the maintenance operations and have no problems reported; shut down and restarted the computer; then tried various backup strategies. No success. The backup process usually (perhaps 4 times out of 5) when the filename "projectname_XD.DBF" is displayed although not every time. I've tried reinstalling my version 12 update with no change in the problem. All backups are done to my hard drive, not to any external device. Also, I've tried the .sqz extension as well as the .zip extension with the same results. This isn't usually an issue since I maintain realtime backup of my hard drive to an external drive but with Version 7 I need to do a backup. Any way to get around this requirement or any way to address the problem? Thanks for any help.