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  1. TMG v 8.08 Fan Chart font size jpg file

    So I have been trying to find a way to get a readable font size. I set fan chart text to 16 which created a chart 37.5 inches across the top and down the side. Then export aka save as jpg outputs an image that is 12 inches. I guess I can work with that. The export has a window with 3 items - quality, smoothing and create html map. I have quality at 95, smoothing at 0 and no check for create html map. I did not find smoothing or html in the Help search. Does create html impact the output image or does it merely create more files ? Thanks
  2. TMG v 8.08 Fan Chart font size jpg file

    So in VCF, I select File, Export and that opens a window with the heading Save As .... Gives me the same result, the jpg is only 6.25 inches, yet vcf is 19.5. The about info for Visual Chartform says it is v 3.2, build date 1 Sep 2007. Is this the current version ? I want the fan chart in jpg so I can cut it into sections and manipulate them. Thanks
  3. I created a fan chart 1/4 pie shape for 9 generations, font size 8 verdana. VCF displays this as 19.5 inches across the top and same length. When I save this as a jpg file it is only 6.25 inches and the font is shrunk to a useless size. What can I do to get font size 8 in the fan chart saved as a jpg file ? I can use other software to resize the jpg file BUT I need a decent readable font to begin with. Thanks
  4. I have installed my project from a windows xp computer to a windows vista computer. both computers have TMV v 7.04. The Details window on the win xp shows the 3 tabs - person, family and tree in the details window. How can I get this 3 items to show as tabs on the vista computer ? I have reviewed all the preferences and read the help information but I am unable to figure out how to do this. Thanks for you help.
  5. Michael, Thanks you for these directions. Following them I was able to get the customized tag types from my computer to my sister's project. Best Regards, Sky
  6. What do you want the tag list for on the new computer? Peter The second computer is my sister's computer. She is a beginner with TMG and I want to give her the TAG Types without replacing her project. Thanks
  7. I have created many entries in the Master Tag List. I want to copy the Master Tag List from 1 computer to another. Which files do I need to copy to do this ? Thanks
  8. report options memos

    I created a Descendent Indented Report using option for memos - embedded. The report provides the memos for the birth event of the children of the Subject but it does not provide the memos for the birth event of grandchildren or great-grandchildren. The children events have a circa date. The events for grandchildren and great-children do not have dates. I am wondering it this report option for memos will only work for events that have dates ? I appreciate you advice. Thanks
  9. OK, Thanks for your responses. This worked after I clicked IGNORE on the TMG error message "Data type mismatch. 8FRMAPTSETUP.MREFRESHPARTS. I'm still in v 7.01 and prefer to stay there for awhile longer. Thanks again.
  10. I am working with a 2nd project in TMG v 7.01. In my primary project I can add a person, typically a brother or sister and the add person window provides the Type for birth, death, and the field labels for Date, City, State, etc. Now in my 2nd project when I click on add person button the window has only blank in the type and field columns. What can I do to get the standard info in this window ? Thanks
  11. TMG v 7 help item "Report Destination ... Save to" lists file type DIF, WRK - what are these file types ? The TMG window for Report Definition Screen provides a drop down list of 3 dozen software product names but does not identify which one creates DIF or WRK files. Can someone identify which product option produces a file that is easy to import to excel ? I would like to save the output of the List of Tasks to a file I can import to excel. A comma, delimited file would be good. Trying various file type options such as ASCII text, ASCII text without soft CRLF does not provide a good result. For the list of tasks report, these options provide a file with a long line separating each task which is difficult to remove. Thanks for your help.