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  1. I need help with stabilizing TMG V9. For a few weeks I began having larger & larger optimize results although few changes had been made between optimizations. Then after working on several bios in a single family, I could not access any tags in TMG and could not access tags in a backup made at that point. (I note here the Filtered header is on above my tags but the controls have long been grayed out with no obvious impact.) I went to the previous backup; file integrity said it fixed 2,xxx errors. I did a number of restores & even reloaded the SW thinking the Filtered issue might be a cause but TMG locked up each time. A Users Group member restored my backup to his computer, turned off Filtered, I restored that version, filtered immediately came back on with no control available to it turn off, and that restored version worked for a couple of hours, but also with large optimize results and then TMG locked up and I cannot access tags in that backup. I have now gone back to an even earlier backup and restored that, did all 3 maintenances with no issues, changed the parents for 3 children, and optimize shows 653,566 bytes saved, so I know this is going to lock up again soon. File integrity shows no issues. What do I do next? Ginny