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  1. I launched TMG v. 8.0 this evening, and received a screen informing me to upgrade to version 8.01. I followed the instructions to perform the upgrade. Near the end of the upgrading process, I received a message saying that C:windowsSysWOW64bbLitViewV.ocx failed to register and to contact support personnel. I clicked on cancel and the screen went away, and a TMG screen appeared telling me that the upgrade was finished. I tried to launch the program and got a message that c:windowssystem32bblistviewv.ocx could not be found. I went to the Whollygenes site and clicked the link to download the TMG software, and reinstalled it. The problem seems to be resolved as the program now opens.
  2. I am running Windows Vista Premium Home Edition. The Version 7 software runs sluggishly at best - it often stops and Vista reports that the program is not responding. After waiting from about 15 seconds to up to 2 minutes, the software begins functioning again. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this problem, or if there are any solutions to speed it up. As the program is currently behaving on my machine with slow response to not responding for periods of time makes the program difficult to use. I would sure like to get this figured out and resolved.