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  1. GEDCOM Import Help Needed Flags

    OK Thank you, I see how to load my new flag by doing a List of People with a filtered group on _FLGS tag (created by import) with memo containing "DRAFT" for example, setting the secondary output to set the TMG flag to "Y". How would I then remove the _FLGS tag that came from the import?
  2. I have a GEDCOM created by another product that I want to import into TMG. It has several custom flags that I would like to map directly to new custom flags I will create in TMG. The iGEDCOM has flags in this format: 1 _FLGS 2 __WORLD_WAR_I_D World War I Draft Card 2 __DEATH_CERTIFI Death Certificate If I create TMG flags corresponding to each of the various flags in the GEDCOM, can I map them directly at import time? For this example I create a World War I Draft Card custom flag with ?,N,Y, and a Desth Certificate flag of ?,N,Y. If the GEDCOM has the flags as shown above I want to map these to the new flags with a Y value
  3. Is there an easy way to change the Tag Type without deleting and re-entering the entire record with the correct tag type? I have, for example, Birth events that somehow got Event-Misc tags (probably due to GEDCOM imports). When I edit the event in the Details view for the person, the tag filter is greyed out, so I cannot change the Filter to modify it to the Birth group.
  4. Having a senior moment. I ran the Validate File Integrity with the external exhibit check and it reports that 14 exhibits are missing. Where do I go to find the list of the missing exhibits?
  5. I really would like the ability to format dates on the screen with a format that includes the day of the week. For example, Monday, 3 May 2010 or Mon, 3 May 2010. It would also be nice to have this option for various reports, but primarily for on-screen display. Often, when entering information from an obituary source, it states "services next Tuesday" or the like, and this requires using a date calculator or perpetual calendar tool to find out what date corresponds to that day of the week in that historic year. If I can enter the death date, say Jan 1, 1953, and the screen displays it as Thu, 1 Jan 1953, I can easily determine and enter the burial date when it says internment on Wednesday without a separate tool.
  6. Document Management

    I acquired Clooz 2, but did not find it intuitive. I suggest you download the trial and see if it works for you. I use Nuance's Paperport to organize all my documents, genealogical or not. An older version is distributed with many scanners, and I think the full version is about $130, but no matter what other products I try, I always come back to Paperport.
  7. SSDI

    I use one source for the SSDI as long as my research stops at the index. If I order a copy of the SS-5 document, then I record one source for each individual.
  8. I like to read all of the support forum questions and replies, as I always learn something new. However when I click "View New Posts" I see the new posts in ALL forums, not just the Support forums. Is there a way to exclude certain forums from the View New Posts?
  9. Report Filter help need

    Thanks, Terry, that did the trick! Also gave me a new appreciation of the use of flags.
  10. Report Filter help need

    Thanks for the reply. I did not create a tag for the World War I Registration. I use it only as a source for other tags such as Birth, Occupation, and Residence, so it only appears in citations.
  11. I have a List of People filter for locating likely candidates for a World War I Registration of Birth Year >= 1872 AND Birth Year <= 1900 AND Sex = M which works fine. What I would like to do is further refine the filter so that I eliminate those for whom I already have that source cited. I have all my WW I Registrations cited as Source 53. How can I specify additional criteria to eliminate those from the list that already have source 53 cited?
  12. chat with a technician

    The browser at work may have different settings than the one you use at home. The chat probably uses ActiveX or java, and perhaps that is disabled in your work browser.
  13. Backing Up

    You may need to map the network location to a drive letter, instead or using the URL
  14. Can someone clarify the use of the Age field in a filtered group for List of people. I am trying to make report queries simpler for me. For example in order to query the likely people to have World War I Registration Cards, I create a filtered group with Birth > a specific year, then Birth < another specific year, and Sex = M to locate likely candidates. It would be simpler if I could just query men whose Age was 18 to 45 in the year 1918, but I cannot figure out how to specify that using the Age field.