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  1. Is it possible to create a report of sources connected to a particular surname? If so how do I do it. I am just getting back into doing family history and TMG9 and a bit overwhelmed. Judy Smith jmsmith37@comcast.net
  2. I put the spouse and children in the death tag as witnesses. Judy
  3. I add the surviving spouse as a witness to the death. That way the death shows up on the surviving spouses person view.
  4. Terry, thank you. You gave me some good sugestions.
  5. I have imported into TMG a several data sets from a distant cousin. In my main data set I have created some custom source types and really like to be able to import them into the data set I received. What sources there are in the new data set are imbeded in the memos and I would like to change them to my custom ones before I decide if I am going to merge the new data sets with my main one. Judy S.
  6. I am finding some my Name-Marr tags do not have dates when they should. I tried to create a report to find Name-Marr tags that do not have dates when the corresponding marriage does have a date but have been unable to create one that works. Does anyone know how to do this? Judy
  7. I want to change my non-primary birth tags to Birth-Alt tags. Is there a report and filter I can use to list non-primary birth tags? Judy
  8. I am currently editing my main project and found with some of my censuses I have entered husband and wife as P1 and P2 and children as witnesses and some I have entered head of household as P1 and all others as P2. Apprently I changed methods at some point. I would like to be able to do reports and specify primary events only so I only have primary birth and death tags but have all other events in reports so I have residence1, residence2, occupation1, occupation2 tags etc. Does that mean that if I specify primary events in reports that my census tags will only print for the people that are listed as P1 and P2 and not for witnesses unless I specify "all events and wittnesses" in report options. I would like to be able to do a Journal report with primary birth and death information printing but have all other tag information print including my census tags with witnesses. Judy
  9. Which Tag Type to use

    I have created 2 custom tags, land sold and landbought.
  10. I can understand this if I was adding another person. This is a person already there and the relationship already calculated. I am just adding sureties to already existing tags. I am on the person view of a person related to me. I open a parent/child link from the parent's person view and add the surety. When I exit the parent/child link on the parent person view I loose the relationship calculation.
  11. I am editing some data sent to me by a cousin a couple years ago. I have the the Automatic "Relation" Tag on myself in Preferences. When I am in the Detail Person view of someone that is related to me the Automatic "Relation" Tag is showing up correct. When I open a child tag and then close the child tag on the parent Detail Person view the Automatic "Relation" Tag now says not related to me which is not correct. When opening and closing all other tags the Automatic "Relation" Tag works fine. It is only with the child tags. It is a real pain to have to refresh the Automatic "Relation" Tag each time I open a child tag especially if there are a lot of children.
  12. That corrected the problem at least with the last two individuals. I will check the others. I am editing a file sent to me by a cousin and doing an Individual Detail Report as I go, to check my sentences. The second person in the marriage had not been edited and thus had no sureties. Thank you for your help.
  13. Both the number and name are there and primary name is selected.
  14. When printing to screen an Individual Narrative Report it will say "Person A married an Unknown person" instead of saying as it should say "Person A married Person B" . When I go to the detail screen of Person B and print to screen an Individual Narrative Report it will say "An Unknown Person married person B". Not all the people in my project print that way. Some will print normally, that is "Person A married Person B". I do not see any difference between the marriage tags and sentences. I have done the following: Deleted marriage tag between two individuals and reentered. Did "Verify File Integrity" and then "Reindex". Closed TMG and restarted computer. None of the above worked. What should I do?
  15. Flag values disappear

    Today my flag values have not disappeared so do not know what was happening the last 2 days.