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  1. Difficulty with GEDCOM export

    Jim, thanks for that. I have tried running TMG with Windows 7 in Safe Mode so there should be no other programs running, but I get the same outcome. Although I have run the integrity check in the Maintenance option and received a positive answer, is there any other way that I can make a distinction between there being some fault in the project files or whether my problem is some sort of interference with the program?
  2. I am running version 9.03.0000 Gold UK Edition and have about 2500 individuals entered. I've been asked to provide a GEDCOM file of the whole family project to a cousin. If I go to File > Export and run through the process, the export stops with the message "EDMONDSON_N.FPT is missing or is invalid. XXXX GO_ALIAS" where XXXX is a four digit number, initially 2605, and the program locks up. If I click "Ignore" the four digit number cycles up six or so times and then repeats. Certainly the file EDMONDSON_N.FPT is there is the correct directory. I have tried the various maintenance options incuding validation and have tried restoring from my oldest backup (maybe six weeks old) but nothing helps. I have had a review of fifty or so individuals at random and as far as I can see the data seems to be intact. How do I get the GEDCOM data out and how do I correct this problem? Thanks.