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    My ancestry: Halifax Yorkshire. Lilleshall, Sheriff Hales of Shropshire. Lichfield, Alrewas, Burton on Trent of Staffordshire, SK & BC Canada. Surnames in my ancestry: Bray, Burgin, Edwards, Greaves, Lowe, Mellor, Webb, Williams.<br /><br />My wife's ancestry: England, Colonial NY & MA, Ontario Canada. Surnames in her ancestry: Hopkins, Snow, Paine, Adams, Cain, Tennant, Scott, Van Alstine.
  1. I have tried everything both in TMG v8 and in Windows 7 Personalization to change the colour of the Windows blue frames. The blue frames appear in TMG through out the program in such places as the Details Window frame and the Add Tag "Tag Type List" menu frame. I'm beginning to think the blue colour is locked in Windows and therefore cannot be changed. If this is true then that blue is a big downer for what could be a very attractive TMG screen. If anyone has a solution I would sure like to hear what it is. Mike
  2. Relationship calculator

    I am certain TMG used to identifiy a brother of my grandfather as my GRAND uncle. Version 6.08 now identifies a brother of my grandfather as my GREAT uncle. I believe GRAND is the more appropriate designation for the generation of my GRAND parents and GREAT should not be used until the next generation back where my GREAT GRANDfather would appear. Brothers and sisters of my great grandfather would then be labelled as GREAT GRAND uncles and aunts. Is there a way for TMG to use GRAND instead of GREAT for the situation above?