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  1. Thank-you to Terry for taking the time to reply. FWIW ... in the end I decided to go with one source per Register (I created a new Source Type for Parish Register - Online Images). After having done some ad-hoc lookups for Baptisms, Marriages or Burials where I already knew the date, I am now researching one Register at a time and compiling detailed lists of all entries that relate to surnames I am researching. Seeing as Essex Ancestors is neither a database nor an index, it seemed logical to treat each individual Register as a Source. I guess with many similar cases, it's "six of one, half a dozen of the other" - you either spend more time up front creating sources, or have to repeat some data in citations. Anyway, for anyone else using this great resource - that's what I decided to do!
  2. I expect the answer could be "whatever works for you" I have many Essex ancestors. In the past have purchased some microfiche of selected parishes and created a source for each unique register. That was ok when I was only working with 4 or 5 parishes and several registers for each parish. Now that the Essex Record Office have made images available online for virtually ALL Essex parishes, I'm re-thinking my approach. When Ancestry released it's London parish records I just created one source for each data set and then included details of the parish, record type, period etc in the Citation Detail. I suppose I could do the same with Essex Ancestors, as I am going to have many citations to enter. Sadly, in my quest for perfection I spend far too much time procrastinating over issues like these. Anyone care to offer some advice? Larry
  3. I have just discovered some references to Tithe Awards - does anyone have any suggestions for data entry or sources? Should I create a new tag type?