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  1. Pedigree Report not displaying place fields

    Virginia & Jim, Thank you both for responding so quickly. Virginia - I will take a look at that but I think Jim may have found an answer for me. I was not as clear in my original post as I should have been. My example was not identical to the original poster Granddaddy but close enough. I was not getting city, county, state, country for all generations, only the first two. Then I would not get city in later generations even when there was adequate space for it. However, after reading Jims comments if I limit my request to only 3 fields- city, county, state and eliminate country then those 3 all show up for ALL generations throughout the report. I added country because although most records are US I do have 2 people who have UK information and I wanted it to be complete. For this assignment since United States is assumed I don't need the country listed for the majority of the people and now all other necessary information is printing. For the 2 ancestors on this report that are born in the UK I will put Wales and England in the State field and forget about the UK country listing, That should work and be acceptable for the lesson. But, I may see if I can save to a word file and manually add UK to the 2. That would be more complete. Thank you both for your help. Robin
  2. Pedigree Report not displaying place fields

    Thank you very for the reply. I will use this option in the future for other things. This would be a great work around if I needed this report for myself. However, this is for a genealogy class and although I can get all the place name information to print it does not meet the other requirements I need for the assignment. What I need is for the Pedigree Chart to print properly showing place names as the report options show is available....but obviously is not working. I am an OLD TMG user and I have older printed Pedigree Sheets from previous TMG versions. This option worked properly then. I got away from genealogy and now I have the latest TMG version and this is not working. Is there a bug fix for this issue? Is one being worked on? If so, when will it be available? I have version 9.01 Gold Edition Thank you, Robin
  3. Pedigree Report not displaying place fields

    Has anyone found an answer for this question from 2012? Its now April 2014 and I am having the same issue. I can not get the place fields I need to print. Is there a resolution for this...please HELP