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  1. Birth Order Report?

    Duh! Thank you, Terry. I just hadn't scrolled down far enough. Look forward to reading your book so I can get the most out of the TMG.
  2. Birth Order Report?

    I would like to generate a list of all the people in my project (328) by birthdate (first born to last born) regardless of who their parents are -- just everyone by birth from the first ancestor to the most recent descendant. I tried generating such a list from the List of People report changing the output columns to Birth Group tag date, Name, Death. Also chose the Birth Group tag as #1 sort order. The result was an list in an order I cannot discern (doesn't appear to be from oldest to youngest--may be in family groups) and the birth/death date columns are blank except for a half a dozen people. I've just ordered the Reigel Primer on Amazon. If someone can help in the interim I would be very appreciative.
  3. Copying Focus Group

    That's what I'm talking about! Thank you so much.
  4. Copying Focus Group

    Is it possible to copy the members of a focus group from one project to another project? I want to retain the focus group members in the original multi-family project and have another project with just this one family 41. I have tried creating a new project and importing the multi-family project realizing I would then have to delete everyone but the focus group, however, on step 2 of the import wizard, the "next" button is always grayed out. I'd like not to have to retype all the data.