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  1. Got the same problem. Then the accent function stops working, period. Penny in Canada
  2. I must admit that I never feel more stupid than when I am trying to use TMG, so please make the answers really simple -- like click this, choose that. Here are the two things I was trying to do. 1. I wanted accent people with Living Flag = Y in one colour and people with Living Flag = ? in another colour. 2. You know how by default the Witness tag is highlighted in gray in the Person View? I wanted to highlight the Marriage tag in the Person view in the same way, but in yellow. I tried reading the manual, 'Getting the most out of TMG' and the websites. I the first item in the accents that came with TMG, but customized it, changed the name and saved it, and loaded it. It all looked pretty good. Next, I opened accents again, and tried to do the same with the Bride Groom Witness accent that comes with the program. This did not do what I wanted. It also did not apply the first set of accents. Now I went to turn off the accents but, if I click on Accents in the file menu, double click on the bar on the bottom, or hit Ctl A, nothing happens. Nada. So. 1. How do I turn off this wrong marriage accent and get the Living accent back? 2. How do I make a correct accent? 3. Can I have two sets of accents on at the same time? Thanks.