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  1. Importing gedcoms

    Yes, it appears that some of the source text is being clipped. It's being imported into the Title field and some of the titles are ending with a comma, which leads me to believe that perhaps the line was being clipped. This could've happened during the export though, and I can check with the source of the gedcom. Regarding the place parts - the person that created the gedcom told me that she had used this format for places "State, County, City" so that is why they have been imported to the wrong fields. I was hoping there was some way to swap them around w/o having to rekey the data. So there's not any type of "reassign" macro that can reassign one field to another? Am I stuck with typing?
  2. Importing gedcoms

    I'm importing a gedcom and want to adjust the max gedcom line length. Right now it's set at 71 characters but the box is grayed out and I can't change it. What am I doing wrong? A related question - I need to adjust the place name entries. The city is now in the country field, the country is in the city field, and the county is in the right place. If I use <CTRL> arrows, all the fields get moved over but I can't move country to the city without moving city over even farther, and vice versa. Is there any way to swap these fields with a macro or something? Thanks, Angela