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  1. Jim:  LadyBonita here aka Bonita Hillmer.

    I am having a problem trying to run a desc indented report.  It tells me my G.RPT is missing or invalid.  I have confirmed IT IS THERE ... so must be messed up.  I do not have a problem putting in memos during input ... so must be something old.   I tried running and Events report, selecting all memos ... same error.

    I have run all alternatives of Maintenance including Validating files ... zero results.   I have tried Repairing TMG (before I realized it was unique to my Main Project.

    Terry suggested I contact you ... BTW, I have a cat, Sherlock, that looks similar to yours

    2013-03-15 09.36.59.jpeg

    1. Jim Byram

      Jim Byram


      You have a custom Indented Descendant Narrative report named "G"?

      In any event, the first step in resolving any report issue is to reset the report configuration to default and test the report. If that works, then you can make any wanted changes to the report configuration.