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  1. Getting an error message on one of my projects.  I have been using V8 but got V9 at least for a trial run.  I purchased V8 many years ago and it's been working fine.  Now I get a message on this one project that says not a valid pjc file -- see attached screen shot.  I can take my backed up data and add it to this project and says it's in repair mode and then after the data is back in it opens but still gives me the message as before.  Yet I can use it until I close it again then have to restart it.  I get the same in V8 and V9.  

    I downloaded V9 and will use that but it gave me the same error code for this same project.  Hopefully it's quick fix.  Hope you might be able to suggest something.  I am not very computer savvy but I'll try.


    Thanks very much.

    Richard Pope, Housatonic, MA


    Not valid PJC file.png

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    2. rmpope1950


      How do I send the PJC file to you?  Can I do it here? 

    3. Jim Byram

      Jim Byram


      Look at my reply. There is a link to my email. Don't post your email address on a public forum.

    4. rmpope1950


      Could not get thru with that link.  Caused me problems actually.

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