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  1. Backup Error

    I had a similar experience when I first tried to backup my files, and discovered the cause was from the fact I had accidentally set the path for the backup file to be in the program directory. Newer versions of Windows will not allow this to occur. Make sure the path the backup file is going to is not in a sub-directory of your Program folder, but in a sub-directory of you Documents folder.
  2. GEDCOM export--no ancestors

    I vaguely recall having something similar happen to me (ie - exporting to Gedcom and the results not linking families together). If I remember correctly, it only affected me when I tried Gedcom version 5.5, but worked okay with Gedcom version 4.0. I believe this was back when I was using version 7, and haven't tried using Gedcom 5.5 on version 8. I have a different issue with exporting to Gedcom on version 8, and it relates to how long it takes to complete the export. I have a LARGE dataset (about 210,000 individuals), so that may be part of the problem, but it takes several hours for the export, even on a brand new Windows 8 machine with 4 cores & lots of memory.
  3. TMG and SSD hard drives

    Thanks for your quick replies & opinions. It is greatly appreciated!
  4. I am in the process of buying a replacement laptop computer, which is primarily used for genealogy. I have a large TMG database (over 200,000 individuals) and am looking at ways to speed up my system. I am looking at the possibility of purchasing a laptop with a SSD drive and installing the operating system, as well as the TMG program on this solid-state drive, but having the database hosted on the regular hard drive. Has anyone else on this forum had any experience with using SSD drives with TMG and/or offer opinions on whether it is worth the investment?
  5. Journal report help

    Thanks so much for this info. It was very helpful!
  6. I am looking for some help with the Journal report. I have seen where you can control the fonts for the names, places, etc., but have not seen where you can control the fonts for the sources. In addition, I was interested in learning if it was possible for the Journal report to list the parents of the spouses. I am working on publishing a family genealogy from the journal report, and these are my two biggest hangups.
  7. Would it be possible to incorporate a shortcut for adding an existing citation to a Tag Entry. I would LOVE to be able to just click a letter for the program to automatically display an alphabetized list of citations starting with the letter clicked. This would make adding citations much quicker than the current process of [finding and] clicking the binoculars then clicking on a letter. In addition, is there any way to change the "default" citation. At the present time, citation number 1 is my default citation. Can I change that without changing the whole citation?? Raymond T. Wing wing_genealogist@yahoo.com