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  1. GEDCOM export from TMG

    I have several groups of families in one TMG project (TMG 9) which adds up to 17,466 people. I have tried to export ALL to Gedcom using the export wizard. The export seems to proceed OK but the figure under the line for export of people says 5% and after the export has finished it is obvious that I have only exported about 5% of the people. I also tried to do this in my old copy of TMG8 with the same result. What am I doing wrong? Ken Clarke
  2. GEDCOM export from TMG

    I disabled everything that I could find including my internet connect and firewall. But I still get a tiny GEDcom file. In the past I have had no trouble creating a gedcom file. It is obviously time for some deeper fiddling with some setting of another unless someone comes up with a clear definition of the problem! I may suddenly find that I can make it work without knowing why, and that is not a very satisfactory position to be in. Ken
  3. GEDCOM export from TMG

    Thank you Virginia and Jim for your comments. I have disabled my BT Cloud backup and a Norton backup program that I found running. As far as I can see I then made sure that I had no other programs running and no browser running either. I then tried to export ALL again but got the same result. I will now reboot the computer (running Vista) and also disable my network connection and shut down my McAfee security program. I will report back when I have tried the export under those conditions. Ken
  4. HTML output of TMG reports?

    Looking at the contents of "Help", it implies that I can select HTML as a file type when saving a report. However, the option is not shown in the Report Options pages. I was hoping to create an HTML version of a Journal report directly without going through a Word Processor. Is this possible? Ken Clarke I am sorry I asked this question; I can see that I should have looked more carefully at the Preferences section on the File menu and selected HTML as one of the outputs before going through the Report menu!!
  5. I am using TMG v.8 in Windows Vista and printing to a Canon Pixma IP4600 printer. I can set up charts in VCF with some lines solid and some dotted. Print preview shows the correct result. When output goes to my printer I can also ask for a preview and this also shows the dotted lines correctly. But when I print I just get solid lines. Do others get this problem. Is there a fix and if this is an inherent problem with VCF is it going to be fixed. This has been a problem for several years and I was hoping that with the release of TMG8 it would have been dealt with.
  6. Dotted lines in VCF not printing

    Thanks Mike for your reply. I have the full version of Adobe Acrobat on my machine and am therefore able to "print" to it. I have just tried printing the VCF chart to it and again the dotted lines do not appear! I will have a look at "Cute PDF Writer" as you suggest, however, I hope the developers will deal with the issue in VCF now that version 8 of TMG has been launched. Ken
  7. Backup problems

    I have been using TMG 7.04 with no problems backing up either during use or when I close the program' Starting yesterday when I have tried to backup whilst the program was running, or when closing, I get the following message: "Input file failure: This error occurs when a file read operation is performed on a zip file that is locked or restricted by another process. After then clicking on "OK", the following message then appears: "error occurred during backup. The ouput file C:{pathname etc}/{file name}.sqz could not be created" I have run the File Integrity check without finding a fault, and I have tried backing up again after rebooting the computer (Vista). The problem is still there. Grateful for help on this. Ken
  8. Backup problems

    I wonder if the problem is related to the number (and size) of files in the backup folder. My backup folder had not been cleared to a couple of years and had a hugh number of backups in it. Once I had removed them, except for the last three or four, I had no further problems.
  9. Backup problems

    Thanks for your comments. I am limiting my backup to the project file, accents and filters and the backup is to the came "C:" drive on the computer which runs the TMG program. I have been backing up succesfully for the last couple of years on this computer and as far as I know have not changed anything and am backing up in the same way as I have always done. This problem has only just cropped up a day ago.