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  1. Thanks for following up Jim. When you think of the capasbility of Windows 7 to separate one user from another ... both data and executable programs ... there should be no reason why the two versions shoulfd not exist side by side on the one physical machine. Could it be that te installer is nor differentiating between an install for a single user and an install for all users? Thanks David
  2. I am trying to set up both US & UK versions of TMG v8 on one windows 7 PC using the same method I used for TMG v7 on a single XP machine. Reason? my wife is a yank and I'm a brit. First install (UK) goes fine when signed in as "David", for a single user, in a unique (tagged with UK) folder. I can execute the samle project. Second install (US) fails when signed-in as "Patricia", for a single user, in a unique (tagged with US) folder. The error message reads essage .... "Error opening installation log file. Verifythat the specified log file location exists and that you can write to it" Isthere a preferred method for what I am trying to do? Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong? Any help appreciated David
  3. TMG v8 hangs at 20% completion while checking messages. Reading earlier posts I see that message checking can be turned off in preferences.... but " catch 22", only after messages have been checked can preferences be accessed! Any ideas to resolve?
  4. We're a UK / US family! My wife uses the US version, I the UK version. So we have both versions installed. In v6 this meant 2 directories in c:\program files \TMG v6 UK and \TMG v6 US Both installs were non share, that is only user Patricia could use \TMG v6 US and only user David could use \TMG v6 UK This has worked pretty well for us, so I am trying to replicate the approach for v7, by installing - the US version to \program files\TMG v7 US ... for user Patricia, and - the UK version to \program files\TMG v7 UK ... for user David The US version install went well, but I messed up the UK version install by inadvertely installing it to the default \program files\the master genealogist v7. It worked fine, but was in the wrong place (as my left brain saw it)! I've used the control panel remove the install, cleaned the registry with "System Mechanic", and attempted to re-install, but I get an error message telling me that .... " a re-installation for the same user must go into the same location", please the attached screen shot. Any advice on how to get out of this and proceed with a clean re-installation would be appreciated. Regards David Here is the missing screenshot referred to in my post
  5. David Hall wrote to John Cardinal >>> Just to let you know that I checked your language suggestion and you were spot-on (as we say in this part of the world). My project was first created using TMG-US. I "converted" to TMG-UK when is became available and added custom tags. These custom tags appear to have been built with English-UK. As a trial I added English-US sentences to one of the custom tags, while (of course) retailing the English-US sentences The position now is that if I set the SS language to English UK this custom tags doesn't print, but if I set the SS language to English-US it does. I don't understand why this should be.java script:emoticon('') What's the best long term direction - notwithstanding that it involve more work - for this primarily UK based project? Should I try to make the entire project English-UK and ensure that every single tag has an English-UK sentence for each role? Is there a better long term approach? John Cardinal replied to David Hall >>> SS can't tell a custom tag from a standard tag, so it's not that. It's probably a language-related issue. Have you defined sentences for the tags in the proper language? For example, if you are using EnglishUK, then you should define EnglishUK sentences for the tags and set the SS property Language.Sentence Language to "EnglishUK". David Hall originally wrote to John Cardinal >>> I'm having trouble including the data from custom tags defined in TMG. I've created custom tags for UK census 1851, UK census 1861 etc. Sentence structure looks ok and I've ensured the correct "include tag" boxes are checked in SS. I can't see that I'm suppressing data inclusion (living people etc). Non-custom tag of census data is being included just fine but custom tag data is not. By changing a custom tag to a non-custom tag the data is correctly included in the SS HTML.