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  1. I want to avoid doing something dumb. Back in 1999, I entered a large number of tags with one particular source citation (happened to be source # 200 in my database). For now I am assuming that the citation details were always the same, just giving the sender and receiver of a document and the date of transmission. Sometime while version 6 was the current version, the entry for this source was corrupted in the Master Source List, but I only detected the corruption two days ago. Judging from some browsing I have done in an ancient copy of this database, I cited this source 275 times. Fast forward to yesterday. When I printed a descendant chart which included many of the people cited in this source, I got a huge number of "** Error ** Source 200." entries in the endnotes. When I look at an individual tag which uses this source, the citation details look as expected, but the source number is shown as 0. When I look at the Master Source List, neither 0 nor 200 appear. I have reentered the source under a new number, thinking I might need this. How can I best fix the 275 or so uses of the original source citation so that they link to a valid source entry?
  2. I do not believe this can be the case. No matter what it might be called, nothing shows up which is cited 275 times.