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  1. bc dates

    How can I enter BC dates and have TMG 9 sort them correctly? And hopefully produce a time line that reflects the correct BC date.
  2. Thank you Sue. I downloaded the file and installed it and got the same error but the scanning in TMG is working.
  3. My computer is a Dell XPS 420 Quad CPU Q9400 @ 2.66 GHz, Vista Home SP2 64 bit, 6 GB RAM. TMG is 8.04 which I recently upgraded, the TMG 7 scanned fine. Scanner - Epson Perfection 4490 Photo. I have tried both the Epson Perfection 4490 driver and the WIA Epson Perfection driver. The same thing happens with both. I get the above errors and press ignore to all of them and my epson scanning software comes up and acts like it scans it and then automatically closes. I am right back in the exhibit log with no scan. I hope this is the information that you needed, if not please let me know.
  4. I get an error when I try to scan into the exhibits. "Class definition VFPCOM.COMUTIL is not found. 20 Acquire" If I click ignore I get another error "GOVFPCOM is not an object. 64 Acquire" If I click ignore this error, I'm given a 'select source' choice. If I chose my scanner and continue and scan an object - the scanner goes through the motions of scanning but the image doesn't appear in the exhibits. I can scan an image using another program and add it to the exhibits with out any problems. Any help would be appreciated. thank you
  5. Mouse over tag view

    Thank you Virginia! I have been pulling my hair out since I upgraded to 8.04.
  6. Wiley thanks so much. I thought I had done a search for the problem.
  7. I am having the same problem with the updates. When trying to create a report in pdf or doc I receive a 'printer not activated error 20'. I hope someone will be able to help. I am using Vista 64 bit.
  8. How to delete missing exhibits?

    Thank you John. They weren't attached to anyone. I did a right click and delete on each of the problems and now I have no missing exhibits. I'm not sure how it happened to begin with but I'm glad its fixed now. Maybe I should do the maintenance items more often. I've had this file for years and the only time I use anything in the maintenance group is when there seems to be a problem.
  9. How to delete missing exhibits?

    Thanks John for the idea, but it didn't help. Any other ideas?
  10. How to delete missing exhibits?

    I too am having problems deleting missing exhibits. I have just 8 missing and when I check out exhibits in the TMG Utility it has a person ID#0 for each of the missing exhibits. I don't have a person ID#0. I have validated file integrity and reindexed and ran validate file integrity a couple more times. The only problems that show up are the 8 missing exhibits. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  11. Thank you. This was extremely helpful. I'm sorry it has taken so long to reply but I never received an email about the reply. Thank you again.
  12. I have been trying to delete a large number of people in a family line. I have added them to the current focus group and clicked on the delete the people of the current focus group, I click on the names to confirm deletion and I receive a notice saying that 1 or more people were skipped during delete because they are involved in relationship with other people. I click 'ok' the message disappears and basically nothing has happened. When I first started (not knowing any better) I imported some people (a little over 100) from one of those Family data disks, mostly all related to one family. Now I am trying to get rid of most of them. I have backed up my data. My project has over 4500 people so starting over is not an option. Any help on deleting large groups of people would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Tag Types

    I've downloaded the program but I don't understand how to consolidate tags. I couldn't find anything about it in the table of contents for the TMG Utility. Is there a web page to explain it step by step?
  14. Tag Types

    Thank you, I'll try that.
  15. Tag Types

    I have several tag types that are the same. Is there a way to merge them so I only have 1. Or is the a report I can do for a tag type to see what is using it, so I can change all of them and then delete the unused one?